Orlando for beginners – what’s to know about the city?

Orlando for beginners starts with the photography of cityscape

Have you always wanted to live in Florida? This year should be your time to achieve all of your goals, including relocation. Since Florida is quite big, you should pick a city. How about Orlando? If you have never thought about this city, you should give it a try. In order to help to make a decision, read this article as it will present Orlando for beginners. Just like any city, Orlando also has an interesting history, rich cultural and entertainment life, and other opportunities. Soon, you will be looking for professional movers Orlando FL to help with your relocation to this city in Florida. 

Orlando for beginners – the basics and the history of the city

Orlando had many names throughout history. During the Second Seminole War, Orlando was known as Fort Gatlin. However, some sources mention the name Jernigan. Even the origins of the modern name are ambiguous. Some say it was named after Orlando Reeves, a soldier who died during the Second Seminole War. On the other hand, historians tend to disagree, saying that Orlando Reeves never existed. In addition to this version, some would say James Speer, a gentleman living in Orlando in the 18th century, named the city after the character from Shakespeare’s play As You Like It. You can believe the version you like the best. This does not change the fact that Orlando is one of the fastest-growing metropolitan cities in the United States. It is a very open and accepting city of the LGBT population and minorities. 

people standing and walking near buildings
In addition to famous themes parks, Orlando has an interesting history

The costs of living in Orlando

Since you are reading about Orlando for beginners, you should know about the cost of living. Living in Orlando is not cheap. For this reason, you should either have a good job or save up at a considerable amount of money. Living costs for a four-person family is around $3,000 a month without housing. If you are planning to live alone, then expect to spend around $900 per month, excluding housing costs. Now, onto the price breakdown. 

  • Apartment rents – $1,200 to $1,400, depending location and size 
  • The standard house – $265,000 
  • Transportation – 6 % lower than the national average  
  • Household appliances – 11% higher than the average for the US 
  • Food and grocery – 11% higher than the national average 
  • Health care – 12 % lower 
  • Sales tax – 6.5 % in comparison to the national average of 7.3 % 
  • The income tax does not exist in Florida 

Orlando for beginners – the job market 

Due to its location, Orlando is a popular tourist city. In addition to this, Orlando has widely popular and acknowledged centers for digital media, aviation, agricultural technology, software design, and aerospace. Furthermore, Orlando has the Central Florida Research Park where you can find more than 120 companies that employ more than 8,500 people. Apart from this, there are many television, film, and video game industries, military simulation and training programs, and two medical centers. The average salary in Orlando is around $54,611 per year. You can also expect an hourly rate of around $16.22. When looking at the national average of 3.9%, Orlando’s unemployment rate is a little lower at 3.2 %. If you plan to move for a job, then Orlando is the best place. 

a man carrying a suitcase
The job market in Orlando is quite promising

The best neighborhoods in Orlando 

When you are moving to Orlando, you should pick a neighborhood for you. Taking into account having your job, storage Orlando, restaurants and bars close, here are a couple of options. 

  • College Park – voted the best neighborhood. It has many famous restaurants, small businesses, spas, gyms, bars, and so on. In addition to this, it has numerous beautiful parks, public art, public golf course, etc.  
  • Audubon Park Garden District – for all the food lovers out there, this one is for you. It has all the restaurants that you can imagine. This neighborhood is also quite popular nationwide. 
  • Lake Eola Heights Historic District – one of the oldest and architecturally diverse neighborhoods. It features mostly Mediterranean revival, minimal traditional, art deco, and craftsman-style houses. 
  • Mills 50 – a modern neighborhood with murals, yoga studios, tattoo shops, wellness centers, and so on. 
  • Parramore – the last neighborhood on the list and the most affordable one. 

Orlando for beginners – Culture and nightlife 

Since you will be a newcomer, you should make friends. The best way to do it is by going out and visiting popular places. One such would the Central Florida Ballet, the Mad Cow Theatre, The Orlando Shakespeare Theater, and the Orlando Ballet. You can also visit the Florida Film Festival which is one of the most popular regional festivals in the country. In addition to this, you should visit the iconic Bob Carr Performing Arts Center that is open in 1927. If you are looking for more exciting nightlife, then your options are limitless. You can visit a classic Venezuelan restaurant Q’Kenan, an American pub-style Nona Blues, or Olde 64, the center of the club scene. However, definitely you should go to Hanson’s Shoe Repair, which is located on the roof of the oldest building in Orlando, the Hanson Building. You will need a password to get in though. 

two people watching fireworks
Experience exciting nightlife and festivals in Orlando

Getting around the city might be difficult

Orlando for beginners’ guide has to mention some downsides of living in Orlando. One such would be its highway traffic. According to locals, it is pretty terrible and the city itself is not walkable. Public transportation is the best. However, you do have several options, such as LYMMO, a BRT service, bus system, and the SunRail. In addition to this, you can use a Greyhound station, an Amtrak station or two airports the Orlando International Airport and the Orlando Executive Airport when you want to travel. Lastly, crime in Orlando depends on where you live. For more information, you can find an interactive crime map to see the crime rate in your neighborhood. However, do not let this discourage you from moving to Orlando as this city has many things to offer. For this reason, you should consider living in this amazing city in Florida.


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