Orlando guide for newcomers


New to Orlando? Be it by choice, or by force, there is one thing you do not have to worry about – Orlando is amazing. Granted, for argument sake, every city you can think of can have something amazing inside. But this is the beautify of living in a city. I dare you to name one city in the world, that is not in any type of open conflict, that you can dislike. Each city, in each country, will have something memorable, cool, and distinct. Orlando is, you guessed it, no different. However, there is one thing newcomers always need, and we didn’t fail to deliver. So now that movers Oviedo FL brought you to this glorious place, here is our Orlando guide for newcomers.

We will not have enough room to name every cool street and corner, so we will stick to the general image and what you can look for and expect. Considering the super busy lives that we live today, people rarely have free time to wonder about.

people jumping on the beach
You will enjoy Orlando for sure!

However, if this is something you enjoy doing in your free time, Orlando will have plenty of things to check out. But, this is the beauty of exploration – the unknown. We will not spoil it, but we will just help you get an idea about what you are looking for. This is what our Orlando guide for newcomers will consist of.

Orlando guide for newcomers – entertainment

The entertainment section will be the largest one. As you may already know (I hope), Orlando has some unique locations that people from all over the world come to enjoy. All these things that some people change three planes to see will be in your backyard. An hour drive, maybe. Can you imagine that? Do you know what we are talking about? It’s a unique place that is a several day event and fun for the entire family. You as parents and adults will have plenty to do while your kids can simply never get bored. Yeah, you know what we are talking about… Hint – this will be one of the best places for family fun in Orlando.

Disney World

You will have the famous Orlando Disney World in your backyard. Granted, at some point you will get tired of it, but it certainly won’t be in the beginning. I mean, I’ve had it around for three years now – and I still haven’t gotten sick of it. I don’t go every weekend, but I go at least once every two months and it’s fun every single time!

Orlando guide for newcomers presents - Disney World
A joy every time…

The fact that it is so conveniently placed in my backyard makes it ludacris to miss out on, especially since they upgrade the park every so often. This means that each time I go I get surprised by at least one thing. I take my kids every time too, and it always turns out to be one heck of a bonding time for us. The amount of memories and photographs we have made together is endlessly precious. We have our own album called ‘The Disney Tales’ that we tirelessly populate with photos and drawings… I can imagine just how valuable this will be one day.

Universal Studios

If Disney is not your cup of tea you have the Universal Studios. Maybe not so much sought after by kids, but if you don’t have kids and Disney doesn’t float your boat, Universal Studios is the very next best thing. I know some of you can’t forgive Disney for what they did to Star Wars and will continue to boycott it, but fortunately, you have an amazing alternative.

Universal studios
If Disney is not your cup of tea…

Filled with fun adventures, simulations, and presentations as well as awesome food and rides – Universal Studio may turn out to be your fun weekend thing.

Orlando guide for newcomers – the tastes

We will try to exclude all spoilers because this is something that you should be surprised with. I will try to speak in hints and you figure out what we meant. There are a lot of cultures that mix up in Orlando. When we say a lot we really mean – a lot. This means that each of the cultures that have taken residence in Orlando will bring its own cuisine.

The number of various dishes that you can taste in Orlando is simply amazing. You will try almost all the global cuisines at some point since there is an abundance of restaurants. It is quite difficult to recommend one and we could suggest that you do a restaurant-hopping when you can and when you have time. Each time make sure to sit down in a different restaurant. Your taste will be expanded and you will learn so many things it’s ridiculous.

Orlando guide for newcomers – the sounds

The first thing that will accompany your tastes will definitely be the sounds. With as many cultures as you can imagine taking their corner in Orlando, you cannot imagine the different music that this brings. This means that the nightlife is very active and that you will be able to enjoy countless different parties that are characteristic for certain cultures. From Latin America all the way to South-Central Europe – you will run into all sorts, all of which will be memorable in their own accord.

Orlando guide for newcomers - Orlando nightlife
Nightlife booming!

The best movers in Orlando took care of you. Now, it is up to you to explore this glorious place as best as you can. Try to see as much as you can, try every dish and dance every dance. Wander around. You will be amazed at what you will witness.


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