Packing for storage – tips and hints

Storage units are a blessing for those that need it. The funny thing about storage units is that – if you never actually have the need for one they would seem silly and pointless. But if you ever developed an actual need for one you would not know how you lived without them. This is why we will discuss some packing for storage tips and tricks. Because you never know when you could become the one really needing one. And if you ever need moving and storage Orlando, FL its best to come prepared.

But, before we can continue giving tips and tricks about packing for storage, we may need to explain what these storage solutions are. Maybe you actually desperately need one but are not aware whether or not they exist. You wouldn’t be the first one with this experience. The good thing is, there is practically an unlimited number of ways in which you can perform packing for storage. We will just give a few pointers about steering in the right direction.

Storage solutions – the why and the how

Storage solutions are a blessing for those in need. For those that do not specifically require them, they might be a financial overkill. However, it is always brilliant to know that you have the option of renting them. Why would you need them?

Do you wonder why do you need storage now, because you never needed it before?
You lived just fine without storage, so why would you need it now?

Let’s give a hypothetical example. You are long distance relocating to Orlando, FL. You are forced to already leave your current home, but the new home is not yet fully prepared. In this stage, you need to place your belongings somewhere. This is where storage solutions come in hand brilliantly. For a fee, you are able to rent a perfectly safe short-term storage in Orlando where you can store your belongings. Depending on what type of belongings you are storing – you will pick the right storage solutions. Your items can be safely kept at this location for as long as needed until your new home is available to move into.

How do you achieve this? Hopefully through your chosen moving company. If not, you will have to do a little research until you find the right ones. For some, these storage solutions might seem like a luxury. But there is a point in time where they are no longer a luxury but more of a necessity. At this time you will be happy you found some. Moreover, you will be happy to know that you were able to finish packing for storage in time and on your own.

Packing for storage – what’s to know?

Packing for storage cannot be generalized. It is a process that you can, however, write instructions about. There are certain steps within the process that can be somewhat universal and applicable to all our potential customers. We will cover those steps and hopefully, provide a few examples to put everything into context. We wish that, after this blog, you at least have a vague idea as to what you need to do and consider when packing for storage. But why is this complicated? It’s just getting stuff, putting stuff in boxes and lining it up in the storage unit.

Wrong. This process is far more complex than that. It has actual elements that contribute to the ‘success’ of packing for storage. I mean, sure, you could just pile everything in but that would make for an actual nightmare when it comes to unpacking your storage unit and packing things for their new home. You want to make the entire process as easy as possible, and this is why there are certain steps you can follow to make it more bearable.

Plan in advance

The worst possible thing you could do when packing for storage is leave everything for the last minute. I myself am a procrastinator, and it pains me to go through life as such. But it is what it is, too late to change it. My storage packing was a nightmare since I was thinking I could do everything the last minute. You can’t. It’s a disaster. Don’t do it.

It's best that you approach storing your items prepared, with a list of things that you want to store.
Making a plan for what you want to store will make your life much easier.

Plan ahead of time. Take a look at the storage unit and plan your packing accordingly. You want your most used items to be stored in the front so that they are reachable at all times. Furthermore, you wish to store items so that you can easily access almost anything. If you are using boxes make sure to label them. If you end up having more than a 100 boxes without any labels you might just lose your mind. I mean can you imagine a 100 unlabeled boxes and you need to open every single one in order to find something? And based on Murphy’s law, the item you are looking for will be at the bottom of the last box. Also, you can check out this cool guide made by pros on how to pack.

Use the walls

Pro tip number one, two, three and four is to use the walls. When you start packing for storage, the first thing you need to do is line up furniture and boxes on the walls. All four of the walls if you can. This will leave an incredible amount of room in the middle of the room (don’t block the entrance), for you to plan where to put remaining things. Basically, what you will be doing is making your way from the walls to the middle of the room (hoping that everything fits).

Protect the furniture

Last but not least, you need to protect your furniture. This is basically a break it or make it. You really don’t want to have a funny video of your damaged furniture circling on Facebook.

If you wish to save your things in present condition, think about wrapping them as a protective measure.
Wrapping your things for the move is the first line of defense against any damage.

Take the time to wrap the furniture and secure the edges, for you have no idea how much damage you can cause by moving the furniture in and out endlessly. Better safe than sorry! Invest time into this!

Best of luck!


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