Plan Your Orlando Move With These Tips


Packing up your home, choosing a mover, notifying schools, doctors, and more are all tasks that you have to complete before moving day arrives, and there’s no question that the moving to-do list can quickly become overwhelming!

From start to finish, our AAA Insta-Move wants to make the process as stress-free as possible for our customers, and we’ve put together an easy-to-use list to get you off to a great start.

One or Two Months Before Moving Day

You know when and where you need to go, and now is the time to start putting those plans into action! When it’s a month or two before the big day, start checking these items off of your moving checklist:

  • Research moving companies within the area, and select one that offers the skills, reputation, and professionalism that you can depend on.
  • Create a moving binder to organize all the important paperwork, notes, lists, and contracts involved with your move.
  • Start sorting and packing all of your household items and donating what you don’t need. Now is also a great time to secure on-site storage containers to make the process even easier!
  • Fill out a change of address form at your local post office, and alert your financial institutions, providers, and utilities of your moving date.

One to Two Weeks Before Moving Day

The last two weeks before a move will go by faster than you thought possible, and this is where your moving checklist really comes in handy! Finalize all the details of your household move by doing the following:

  • Confirm time off work for moving day and for any additional time you may need to get settled in your new home.
  • Contact your moving provider and confirm that all the arrangements are set so that there are no unexpected surprises on the big day.
  • Sort out all boxes and furniture that are fragile into one area of the home to ensure that there is no miscommunication with your movers.
  • Pack a moving suitcase for each member of the family that includes essential for at least two or three days so you aren’t sorting through boxes looking for basic necessities.
  • Confirm any child care arrangements or pet boarding you have in place to keep your family and pets safe on moving day.

Moving Day has Arrived!

All of your preparations come down to one day, and there’s no better feeling than stepping into your new front door. Before you relax and starting making your new house a home, you have to get through the busy schedule of moving day, and these essential tasks will keep your schedule on-track:

  • Double-check that the moving truck that arrives matches the information in your moving contract.
  • Direct movers to which items are fragile, will be carried in a separate vehicle, or need additional attention.
  • Make any payment still due to your movers, and don’t forget a tip! Tipping 10-15% is standard for a job well done.
  • Sign the bill of lading or inventory list before your movers leave, and make sure that you keep a copy for your records.

While moving your household is a major undertaking, there are ways to simplify the process and make it easy on your family and your wallet. At our moving company in Orlando, FL, we over 20 years of experience with helping families plan and execute successful moves, and we’d love to discuss your needs for a streamlined relocation! Just give AAA Insta-Move a call today or fill out our online form, and we’ll get you started with a free estimate.


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