Prohibited items – the items Orlando movers won’t move

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There are some items Orlando movers won’t move. If you are interested to find more about them, feel free to continue reading our short guide! Our team of experts has made it just for you. However, there are some things you need to know in advance. For some things in this guide, you can call your moving company and arrange something or make a deal. It is always the best idea to talk to your movers before you make a decision. In any case, it is time to see what our guide is about! So, without any further ado, let us dive straight in!

Items Orlando movers won’t move – a few examples

There are some items your Orlando movers will never move. However, if you want to organize your Orlando move on short notice, you should keep them in mind. So, for example, here are some items not only Orlando movers will not move, but most movers as well:

  • Food items or items that can get spoiled. This is true for most types of the move, but for the long-distance move especially. Thus, you should keep this in mind. There are special conditions you need to fulfill before you can move your food items. Also, consider some storage rental Orlando options if you need to move food but your movers cannot help you with that. There are some things you cannot expect your movers to do. Food items or items that can spoil mid-transport are some of them.
  • Animals or pets. In most cases, your movers will not transport your animals or pets. Some exceptions can be made, of course, but you need to check with your movers Orlando when this topic is concerned. Some things can go wrong with animals during transport and most movers would prefer not to have anything to do with that because they cannot guarantee the safety of your pets. However, in some special cases, they might agree to take care of a pet or two during transport, provided you have a special carriage or a stroller for them. Check with them, in any case!
You will need to find alternative methods of moving your pets during your relocation
Your movers will most likely never agree to move pets

Some things to keep in mind

Most things your movers will not move you can move easily on your own. Food items or pets, for example. There are some conditions you can manage to fit when such things are concerned. In any case, you can visit Amazon and find everything you need for your items or pets there. However, it might be a good idea to consult with the professionals beforehand. They are professionals, after all, and they know how to do it and the best possible ways to do so. Thus, always rely on professional help if you need it!

Yet another thing you should think about prior to your move are the best places in FL for young professionals. In other words, the items you bring along with you will depend on the cause of the move, right? So, if you are moving away for business, there might be no need for you to bring along your food items or some hazardous materials no one will be willing to transport for you. When pets are concerned, however, you need to make a choice if you want to leave them in the care of your family or friends or if you want to bring them along. Everything can be sorted out, so keep that in mind!

Find someone else to move your fire extinguishers for you
Fire extinguishers are hazardous and no moving company will agree to move them

Items Orlando movers won’t move – more examples

There are some other examples you need to know about before you even start planning your move. We understand that you might need apartment tips for maximizing space, but you simply cannot expect your movers to bring along some items. For example:

  • Flammable items or items that might explode. There is no one who will transport flammable items or items that might explode during transport. The risk is too high, plus they can end up severely hurting someone. So, a moving company will refuse to transport such items. If you need to transport something like that, call the experts for the specific items. Also, do not try to transport them on your own! You might end up in a hospital if you are not careful enough. Thus, it is much better to leave them in the hands of people who are specialized in handling such items.
  • Hazardous materials. Your moving company will also not transport any hazardous materials whatsoever. However, some materials can be hazardous without you even realizing it. For example, fire extinguishers and items similar to that belong in this category. They might get damaged and spill their contents and damage/destroy your inventory, the transport vehicle, and the environment. No one would like that to happen, so call experts when hazardous materials are concerned.

Additional information

The best idea, of course, is to consult with your professional movers about any issues you might have with the items you wish to transport. In other words, you need to think about everything before you even call the moving company. Do you have food that can get spoiled easily? Do you have pets or any flammable materials/items? Well, if you do, and you still want to transport them, call professionals for such items and not your moving company. Usually, a moving company will only transport items that might not end up hurting or damaging anything else in the transport vehicle. So, keep this in mind when you call them.

Talk to your moving company about the items they are allowed to move
Give your moving company a call and find out what they can move and what they cannot

Another thing you might be interested in is how to distinguish such items? Well, it is simple – ask your moving company! They will tell you straight away if they can help you or not. The most important thing, as it is with anything else, is communication. Thus, communicate good and you won’t have any problems.

Items Orlando movers won’t move – conclusion

There are some items Orlando movers won’t move and you need to accept that fact. Thus, the best idea is to find the professionals who will. It is not that hard and it will make your move much easier and more enjoyable. Good luck!


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