Renting a storage – what should you know?

Storage units.

Are you thinking about renting a storage unit in the near future? Is this the first time you’ve thought about taking this step? If you are moving or just feeling the need to finally declutter your home, a storage unit will be an answer to all of your problems. Or at least some of them. Whether thinking about renting a long term or a short term storage solution, there are some things you should know. Our tips will prove to be vital for your next search for a good unit, so stay tuned!

The location matters

When choosing a location, there is one thing you need to have cleared up first – do you plan to visit your unit on a regular basis? If you do, it goes without saying that your unit has to be conveniently located close to your home. You don’t want to spend incredible amounts of cash on gas money, do you? If not, then you can look in an area that’s slightly more distant and in which the prices may be more affordable. Of course, you shouldn’t look for Orlando storage if living in Texas, that goes without saying.

Two people looking at a map.
Location, location, location! It’s one of the main things to worry about when renting a storage unit!

The size of your unit will reflect on the price

It only makes sense that the bigger the unit, the bigger the price. And this is actually the step where most people make mistakes and wrong judgment calls. Let’s say you plan on storing a lot of items that you may or may not pack into different types of moving boxes. It seems to you like you have an incredible amount of items on your hands and that you will have to get a large unit to fit all of them. But, little do you know that all you need is a good packing and storing strategy to rent a smaller unit. If you use up all the vertical space inside a unit, as well as stack boxes one onto the other, you will free up a lot of space. Besides, if you are ever unsure as to which size you need, just talk to the storage manager and employees. They can help you make a better decision and save you some money when renting a storage unit.

You have to be careful who you trust when renting a storage unit

It seems like these days, people who want to scam you are everywhere. From fraudulent moving companies to fraudulent storage facilities, you need to keep your eyes wide open at all times. So, if you want to avoid a moving scam, as well as a storage one, you have to be careful. There are certain qualities all reputable and reliable storage facilities should have. In case a storage company doesn’t meet the requirements, don’t risk it! There are plenty of others that will!

  • Positive reviews and good word-of-mouth recommendations are a good sign.
  • A staff that seems available and glad to help you out, in other words, very professional.
  • An on-sight manager is always a good indication that a company is a reputable one.
  • A handy parking area where you can park your car/van/truck while unloading your cargo.
Giving a five star rating after renting a storage unit.
Look for online reviews and see what others think about the facility you are considering.

Of course, these would be just the basics. There are a few other important qualities to look for when renting a storage unit, but they might depend on your individual needs. These four, in return, are something we all need when renting a unit. And if a company meets these demands, you can be happy. We here at AAA Insta-Move Orlando approve!

Security may be the most important thing

One of the biggest concerns people have when renting units is the security issue. Which is completely understandable, as storage theft is not an unusual occurrence. That’s why, first and foremost, you need to look for a secure storage facility. That means that they themselves should take all the necessary measure of precaution to ensure your items stay safe and sound. A company is reliable and secure if it has:

  • A gate around their facility;
  • Surveillance cameras;
  • On-sight guards.

Of course, just because a facility doesn’t offer all of these benefits doesn’t mean that you should disregard them. Usually, companies offer a chance for you to buy locks to put on your unit after renting one. Should we even say that this is not the time for you to be frugal? Don’t try to save your money by buying a cheap lock as those can easily be picked!

A lock.
An old, cheap, and rusty lock is an open invitation for burglars!

Think about renting a climate-controlled storage unit

Have you ever heard of climate-controlled units? How do they differ from regular ones and mobile storage containers? Well, in a lot of ways actually. If you live in a state where there exist extreme weather conditions, such as Florida, you do need a climate-controlled unit. This type prevents the temperature from oscillating up and down, and it keeps your unit nice and cool. A ‘normal’ temperature will protect your furniture, and it won’t cause your wood to crack. In fact, if storing wooden furniture, a climate-controlled unit is a must! 

Moreover, when renting a storage unit with climate control, you are also controlling the humidity levels. A room that is not humid won’t be inviting for pests and insects and that should be your goal. Imagine walking in after a heatwave and seeing all of your possessions ruined! Now that would be a hellish scenario. One that you wouldn’t be likely to forget in the years to come. So, if storing anything that has either emotional or sentimental value, get a climate-controlled storage unit. There is no way you will regret it, even if paying a higher price.


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