Retiring in Orlando – pros and cons

retiring in Orlando will allow you a chance to visit one of its theme parks

Are you planning on retiring in Orlando but are not certain whether or not you should do it? Orlando is an amazing city in Florida and you can find everything that will make you happy there. However, just in case, we have prepared a short guide to help you with that. Hope this helps you with your decision!

Pros of retiring in Orlando

Orlando is an amazing city. You can find everything you need there – especially for retirement. You can check out a guide for newcomers or you can simply do it based on the pros. Speaking of which, here is a shortlist:

  • Amazing food: Florida is known for its amazing food, but Orlando is the best known in the entire state. You can get everything – from burgers and pizza to hearty meals cooked at home. If food is your main concern – do not worry; Orlando is one of the best when that is in question!
  • Tourism and parks: Orlando is famous for its many parks. They can range from nature to urban ones, but the most famous one is the Walt Disney World. Imagine having an opportunity to visit your favorite childhood cartoon characters whenever you wish? Yes, we think it is amazing as well!
  • Peaceful neighborhoods: Even though Orlando is massive, it has peaceful neighborhoods. Nothing sounds better than retirement in a peaceful area, right? What are you waiting for? Hire one of the Central Florida moving companies and schedule your move as soon as possible – it is worth it!
  • People: We cannot stress how amazing people in Orlando truly are! Everyone is so nice and helpful and you will surely enjoy their company. A lot of people play chess in the parks or do other activities. Whether you are young or old – it doesn’t matter! The only thing that matters is the amazing life in Orlando.
You can enjoy apple jam in Fall after retiring in Orlando
Retiring in Orlando can allow you to eat apple jam every fall!

Other amazing things:

There are other amazing things you can do after retiring in Orlando. We highly recommend parks and theme parks. You can explore them out for yourself, or you can even check the list of top 7 theme parks in Orlando before that, and decide upon your favorite. Remember, it’s your life and your rules – but theme parks are so fun that you need to visit them every once in a while. It is, after all, one of the most popular things Orlando is known for!

If you don’t like parks, do not despair. This amazing city in Florida will make your retirement worthwhile. It doesn’t matter what you want to do – you can find it there! From bowling to sports to quiet bars and pubs around the city – you can find it all. This should be a motto for Orlando because it is definitely true!

Walt Disney World
Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida

Some of the cons of retiring to Orlando

Of course, there are pros and cons to everything. Here are some of them when Orlando is concerned:

  • It is a big city: We are not sure if this is a con, but some people might not like it. Orlando is really a big city and even though it is not the biggest city in Florida, it is among the bigger ones. If you are used to a more quiet lifestyle, you might not like it as much. However, there are some quiet neighborhoods which might make it easier for you to cope with the “Big city noise”.
  • It can feel cold sometimes: Even though Orlando is full of parks, it can feel a bit cold every now and then. Why? Because parks are not full all the time and winters (although with little snow) can be chilly. It all depends on the season, however. The best ones are, of course, Spring and Summer and even early Autumn when it’s still warm and pleasant. You might even think of moving to Orlando during the Fall – it’s quite different than other seasons!

Other “cons”

  • You might miss your hometown: This is true for any place. It can happen that you might end up missing your old country or your hometown. While Orlando is welcoming, seemingly nothing can compare with the comfort of your own. However, that should not prevent you from checking some Orlando movers quotes. Who knows what you might find!
  • Every start is hard: This is also true for any place. Orlando, however, offers a bit of a curve when this is concerned. It is mainly known for tourism and you might be considered a tourist in the first few months. Then you will, of course, get used to the lifestyle and you will feel just at home. Orlando is one of the rare cities in the world with a learning curve! Don’t miss the chance to experience it!

What to do after retiring in Orlando?

In the end, you can do anything that makes you happy in Orlando, so why settle for another list? Go outside, meet new people, live and laugh together with them! This is one of the best ways to spend time in Orlando. Since many tourists come, you might get a chance to practice some of the foreign languages you know or simply to meet other cultures. There are no rules when things to do in Orlando are concerned – you make your own list and you never stick to it!

You can play chess in the park after retiring in Orlando
You can play chess in some of the many parks in Orlando after retiring there

You might wonder “why to make a list then?”, well, because Orlando cannot be simply put on a list. The city and the country need to be thoroughly explored and no list in the world will help you with that! You need to go out there and to breathe the fresh air of Orlando as it is supposed to be done – now and as soon as possible!


Orlando is simply amazing. You cannot hope to get a glimpse of the city from visiting only – you need to live there in order to fully embrace it. The list of pros has a list of cons as well, but the list of cons cannot be compared with the opposite list. So, try to check for a moving estimate as soon as possible, chances are you will never regret your decision!


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