Self-storage solutions worth considering

blue units as self-storage solutions

Storage units are a great solution if you need more space for your items. However, depending on your situation, not every storage unit is good for your items. For this reason, sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to understand and find one that you need. When you go and Google storage Orlando, various different websites will pop up. How to choose the right one? Well, first you need to learn about all the types of storage. Then you can see which self-storage solutions are worth considering. 

Outdoor storage 

Usually, people rent an outdoor storage type since they are the most common ones. In addition to this, they are also the most affordable one among all the types of self-storage solutions. Like any unit, these outdoor storage ones offer security. You can access your unit 24/7, so you do not have to wait to take some items if you really need them fast. However, these storage units are not climate controlled. For this reason, you should be careful when storing items in outdoor storage. Those items should be resistant to heat, cold, and moisture. This means valuable items should not be stored here. 

Self-storage solutions – indoor storage 

Just as the name suggests, these units can be found inside. Usually, there would be a huge warehouse that has all the storage units. In addition to this, these units can be climate-controlled since there are located inside the building. You can choose the size depending on how many items you have. These units are the best solutions for items that are easily damaged. Furthermore, items that do not fare well in extreme temperatures should be stored inside. Those items would be furniture, wood, paintings, art collection, valuable items, documents, and so on. It is important to mentions that indoor storage units are more expensive than an outdoor one because of all the benefits you receive when you rent them. 

pink storage units
Indoor storage units can be a safer alternative.

Business storage units 

If you own a business and have an office, then you know how cluttered it can get. When you decide to declutter your office space, you cannot throw everything away. For this reason, you should find a good storage unit for your office items. That is why you should look for commercial or business storage units. There are usually located in the business areas of a city. In addition to this, many facilities offer a solid business storage plan to attract their customers. These plans can include standard file boxes for your documents. 

Self-storage solutions – climate-controlled storage 

As it was already mentioned earlier, most indoor storage units are climate-controlled as well. However, nowadays you can even find outdoor units where you can control the temperature inside. Climate-controlled storage units are the best solution if you live in an area that experiences extreme temperatures. This can destroy your items completely. In addition to this, this type of storage protects your items from the following. 

  • Rats, bugs, and other pests’ infestations 
  • Corrosion, rust, and yellowing 
  • Cracking and splitting 
  • Mold and mildew 

If you plan to store items that are quite sensitive, then look for storage Sanford FL that is climate-controlled. 

blue storage units
Indoor storage is climate-controlled

Boat, RV, and Truck & Car storage 

Some people need to store their vehicles if they are traveling for example. For this reason, storage facilities offer units that can go over 200 square feet. You can store your boat when you are not using it at the moment. In addition to this, if you like road trips and own an RV, you can also store it when you are not using it. Lastly, storage facilities are prepared for anything, so you can keep your truck and car in a storage unit as well. 

How to find good storage units 

Now that you know all the self-storage solutions, you should see how to find good storage units. Sometimes, people advertise units that are far from acceptable. For this reason, when you search for a possible storage unit, you have to pay attention to reviews and feedback. If there are mostly negative comments, you should stay away from that facility. In addition to this, make sure to visit the storage unit before you sign the rental contract. Lastly, you should also learn how to pack properly for storage. This also prevents accidental accidents and potential damage to your items. 

Factors to consider Part I 

When you are looking for storage units, you should pay attention to the following factors. Although price and proximity are the most important ones, there are not the only ones you should consider.  

  • Security – the storage facility has to have digital surveillance, fence, locks, password-protected access, good lighting, and reliable employees. If you want your items to be safe, check if your potential facility offers most of these security options. 
  • The condition of a storage unit – it is extremely important to rent a clean storage unit. Otherwise, your items might get damaged due to dust, dirt, mold, and mildew. In addition to this, a storage unit should have good protection against floods and pests.  You can pest-proof your storage as well if you believe it is necessary.
a camera on the wall
The storage facility should have surveillance

Factors to consider for self-storage solutions Part II 

There are two more important factors to consider before renting a storage unit. These would be the following. 

  • After-hours access and assistance – even though most outdoor have 24/7 access, you should still check if your potential storage facility offers the same possibility. In addition to this, a storage facility should offer good assistance and when something breaks, they should fix it immediately. 
  • Insurance – some facilities offer insurance for self-storage. If you plan to store valuable items, then make sure to get one either from your facility or find it somewhere else. 

All the solutions for storage 

As you can see, these would be all the important self-storage solutions that you should consider. Rent the storage unit that you need, and remember these factors before signing a rental agreement. A storage unit should meet all the criteria you have in mind. 


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