Step by step to hiring reliable movers

Moving is one of the most difficult tasks you could get into. Unfortunately, moving is impossible to avoid when it comes down to it. So, since it is not something you could simply get rid of you have to get rid of that thought and figure out how you are going to make your move as painless as possible. You should consider hiring reliable movers!

Fundamentally, there are two options – do it yourself or hire reliable movers. In most cases, we offer the latter. This is not because we doubt your skills. Quite the opposite, we strongly believe that if you decide to do something yourself – you most definitely can. However, the more you get into the matter – the more you realize how many components it has. We also quite strongly believe that moving should not be a dreadful task. Quite the contrary. We think it should be a very beautiful event, the start of a new chapter for your business or your family. It is something you should be enjoying, and not dreading. This is why hiring reliable movers are key.

While you get to enjoy this new chapter in your life, we focus on all the pesky tasks that follow every move. And we do it really well!

However, is hiring reliable movers easy? I’m afraid it isn’t. Finding the right company to handle your belongings is everything but easy. But, if you follow these steps you will most likely find the ones you want and need.

Hiring reliable movers – important steps

So, in order to entrust your belongings and relocation to the right company in Orlando, there are certain things you can do in advance. The absolute best possible thing you could do is to start searching for companies ahead of time. But this is only possible if you can plan your move in advance. If not, you are going to have to skip a few steps.

Research online

Before you get to make a shortlist of all the potential companies you wish to call, go online. This should be your first step because you could instantly figure out which moving companies you don’t wish to research at all. Leaving a digital fingerprint has become something that is entirely unavoidable nowadays.

Customers who were unsatisfied with the service will share their experience so they let know people to avoid bad businesses
Unsatisfied consumers regularly leave their experiences online to warn other customers of their experience

Hence, if a moving company wronged someone – that someone is most likely going to be very vocal about it. And this is something that should work to your advantage. There is an abundance of forums and chatrooms where people like to expand on their experience with various moving companies. This is good for you in two ways. You will either read about moving companies that did really good (and thus consider hiring them for yourself), or you might hear about moving companies that were absolutely terrible (thus knowing that you don’t want to consider them at all).

However, the internet is a very gloomy place, so you should be very careful with these reviews. Always take them with a pinch of salt. They could be very biased and subjective, and sometimes could be entirely false in order to ruin the reputation of a company. You have to be the judge, and try to analyze the information presented this way.

Choose more than a few companies for your shortlist

The best thing about hiring a moving company today is the fact that you have a choice. And this is something you should vastly use to your advantage. The moving industry is no longer what it once was. Today, there is at least 50% more companies than there was a decade ago. Use these numbers to make a final shortlist of at least 3 or 4 companies.

Once you do, you can proceed to the next step.

Interview them all

Once you have your shortlist of 3 or 4 companies, make sure to interview them all. First, roam through their website and see what you can find. Maybe they have a testimonials page that you should invest some time to read. Also, see the way their website is built since it will tell a lot about the company. Finally, go through the list of services they offer.

Once all of this is done, you should proceed to call all of them. Explain what you need and hear what they have to say. All good moving companies will listen carefully and ask a lot of question, not only to show interest but to actually understand what you need. The best of the best will, once you are finished talking, ask if they can show up to the moving site and investigate in person. This is a good thing. This is free and it is done in order for the moving company to fully understand what you need and create their price estimate accordingly.

When you are hiring reliable movers it’s critical that you start looking for them on time and to know what important things to look for
Do your research timely and thoroughly and you will save yourself a lot of money on moving

Lastly, once you have this estimate made, compare them to the other companies. You will, of course, choose the best relationship between the price and services offered. Moving is expensive and you need to save as much as you can!

Make sure that the selected company is registered and insured

The most dangerous element about hiring reliable movers is avoiding moving scams. These dangerous events can cost you a fortune and even endanger you. The best way to avoid this threat is to make sure that the selected company is registered and insured.

You can use the link below to check for the DOT number online
Checking to see if the business is licensed is as easy as going online and Googling “check DOT number”

The registration should be checked rather easily online using their registration using the DOT number which they have to provide. Otherwise, you can always ask them for it as well as ask whether they offer insurance. If you receive a green light for both you will be absolutely safe!


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