Storage size guide – choosing the right one

Storage size guide

Choosing a unit when renting storage does not have to be like a children’s fairy tale “Goldilocks and Three Bears”, where you try each unit before you finally find one that fits your needs. Regardless of whether you want to store the contents of the whole house with four bedrooms or only seasonal clothes, there is a suitable unit for you. But how do you determine what size you need? See and read below our storage size guide.

Where to start?

Make a quick inventory of items, including furniture and appliances, and counting the number of boxes and bags. You can use the tape measure for large items. Consider whether you have irregularly shaped objects that cannot be packed in a box or folded, such as lamps or bicycles.

Storage unit
What will you store? This will help you choose the right size with our storage size guide

Cram or not cram

Do you fill it completely or do you need a slightly larger block to walk and move objects? People who are going to keep everything and just close the door and come back in six months, when they get their new place, they don’t need so much space. But if they need to access the space, they need a passage. Otherwise, they have to take out everything and spread out along the corridor to find what they are looking for.

Although it is rare, best movers in Orlando had customers who want to turn their unit into a warehouse with walkways, shelves, and stairs to get to the high goods. That’s OK too. You just need to clearly understand what you want.

Use the interactive storage size guide

Everyone wonders how much a unit can hold. That’s where the interactive storage size guide comes in handy. It can help you determine the right size unit and suggest ideas for packing your unit. You can find tons of online charts depicting what can be stored in various unit sizes. People come in thinking that they need 10×20 or even two units. And once they understand the charts, they are happy to realize that something smaller and more economical can help.

Calibrate space with a moving truck

If your movers Oviedo FL are using a moving truck, the size of the truck can help you estimate how much storage space you need. The size of the truck is usually one size larger than the size you need. If you have a 25-foot moving truck, you can fit it in 10×20 feet. If you have a 20-foot truck, you will need 10×15. And if you have a 15-foot truck, you need a 10×10.

When in doubt, get big

We find that many new customers underestimate their needs and choose units that are too small. We recommend finding out the price of the next larger size. Sometimes it’s just a few dollars more. If you want easy access to your belongings, choose a unit one size larger and leave the path. We have seen that people need something from behind, and it takes them three hours to find it, get it and then pack it for storage again.

Take a careful look

Before you make your final decision, visit the property to tour a unit of the same size as the one you plan to rent. Seeing this can be easier than trying to portray it in your head. It really helps you to visualize the space.

Packed storage
It really is like Tetris: you try and fit as much as possible into space

Understand the storage size guide

As a rule, units are measured by length multiplied by width, which gives an approximate area in square feet. You can calculate your needs by square meters or the number of rooms you will store. But remember that units usually have a ceiling height of 8 feet, so little space goes a long way. This is tall! You can safely stack several drawers and baths and turn the couches and beds to the sides to easily place the furniture. Usually, people think that furniture should be in the same position as at home. Sometimes this awareness is an “ah-ha” moment.

Unit size

5’x5′ unit

Size: 25 square feet, which is equivalent to a large closet

What can go in: a chest of drawers, a small set of mattresses and several drawers. Other uses include seasonal decorations, personal items, garden tools, camping equipment, children’s toys, or off-season clothing.

If you are not sure how big is that, then we have a hint for you. If you stand in 5×5 with your arms outstretched, you can touch both walls, so it is relatively small. You can squeeze the sofa, love seat and ottoman in 5×5, but you will push it. This is usually for bags, boxes and Christmas decorations.

5’x10′ unit

Size: 50 square feet, equivalent to a dressing room.

What can go in: furniture from a one-bedroom apartment or a dorm room, including a set of queen-size mattresses, a chest of drawers, a TV, a bicycle, and several storage boxes.

10’x10′ unit

Size: 100 square feet, equivalent to half the standard garage for one car. Think of it as an extra bedroom, as most of them are about 10×12.

What can go in: items from two bedrooms (sets of mattresses, dressers, bedside tables) or the whole family room (sofa, chairs, coffee table, bookshelves).

10’x15′ unit

Size: 150 square feet, slightly smaller than a standard garage for one car.

What can go in: items from three bedrooms or other large items, such as large-screen TVs, sofas, pianos, tables, or appliances.

Storage units
Make sure you choose the right size for all your belongings

10’x20′ unit

Size: 200 square feet, the size of a standard garage for one car.

What can go in: Items from a house or apartment with three or four bedrooms, including couches, mattress sets, dining set, workout equipment, refrigerator, washing machine, and dryer.

10’x30′ unit

Size: 300 square feet, or one and a half car garage size, so you can store almost everything you need, including vehicles or boats. This is the largest unit on most sites.

What can go in: Items from a fully furnished five-bedroom house, including mattress sets, dressers, sofas, dining set, entertainment center, basic appliances, winter gear, outdoor equipment, and bicycles.

What is your final step after understanding the storage size guide?

Now that you read our storage size guide, it’s time for you to find yourself a suitable storage unit. Check all your storage options and compare them to find the one that is best for you. Good luck!


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