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Storage Unit Insurance

When looking into options for portable storage in Orlando FL, it is often assumed that self storage facilities will automatically provide insurance for the items being placed into storage. This is not generally the case—few self storage facilities will offer full or comprehensive item insurance within their standard storage rental fees. Some may offer basic coverage as part of the package based on the size of storage unit rented, but this may not be enough for your needs.

Storage Unit Insurance Guide

Some self storage facilities might insist that you have insurance coverage, even on your portable storage options, while others won’t. In any event, it just makes sense to ensure you have adequate coverage in place. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of well-being just because the facility you’ve chosen has implemented good security measures or has a smoking ban on site for example. Your items are technically out of your hands in self storage and, although the facility may be doing everything it can to avoid theft, they can do little against accidents and damage caused by fires, floods, storms and other natural disasters.

When it comes to portable storage units in Orlando, the rules surrounding insurance can get even murkier. Full or partial coverage may or may not be offered by the storage or moving company you’re renting from. Of course, any available coverage will also depend upon the type and value of the items being stored.

It is recommended that you carefully check your personal property insurance options and investigate what kind of coverage may be offered by the company before signing your storage rental agreement and placing your items into portable storage containers. In fact, your first step should be to contact your homeowner/renter insurance agent to see if the items placed in the self storage facility or stored in a portable storage unit on your property will be covered by your current policy. It may be that you are already fully covered for items stored away from home or you may be able to pay an additional premium to get such coverage. This option could be cheaper than taking out a separate insurance policy to cover items in storage. If you do provide your own insurance coverage, be aware that the Orlando portable storage company you choose may ask to see proof of your policy before renting you space.

Better Safe than Sorry!

Should you purchase insurance? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are my items already covered under my current insurance policy? This would include vehicles and boats as well as household items.
  • Does the self storage facility offer any type of coverage?
  • If an accident occurs on my property and the unit sustains damage, will my items be covered?
  • If a natural disaster occurs, will my items be covered?
  • Will the policy need to be updated each time an item is added or removed from storage? Be sure to keep a detailed list your self storage unit contents and value at all times.
  • Are the items being stored of high monetary or sentimental value? If so, it may be worth the extra cost to rent a climate controlled storage unit.


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