People move all the time. If you stay at a home for a longer period of time, household items accumulate over the years. And when the time comes to move, there is a difficulty of storing those items in your new home while you sort things out. Whether you need storage space for a short or long period of time, AAA Insta-Move is there for you. You can choose different types of storage space, as we are flexible to fulfill the needs of our clients. Our professional team is ready to find you the perfect short-term storage Orlando to keep your items safe and ready to be used whenever you need them.

Why do you need short-term storage Orlando?

You are maybe not sure why do you need short-term storage Orlando. Well, there are a couple of reasons that make it a great idea while moving.

Storage during the move

Very often there is an overlap in both time and space when you are relocating to your new home. Sometimes, your new home is still being renovated, and you need to remove your boxes from your old home. That’s the moment when we can help you. Taking our short-term storage Orlando is the perfect chance to store the items safely in one place, rather than bothering your friends and family with moving boxes or disassembled furniture.

Store your items during renovation

Sometimes, we don’t have enough space in our garage or basement to store our furniture while we are renovating. Of course, you can’t leave those items in the middle of your home, since they can get damaged easily. Also, a clear room is much easier to paint, for example, rather than having furniture in the middle of the room. That’s why our short-term storage Orlando is the perfect solution for you. Our storage spaces are safe and easy to use, perfect for our client’s specific needs.

Do you have a hobby?

We all have a hobby we love. But we don’t have time to do it very often. Meanwhile, the equipment we need lays around the house. Our household storage units are the perfect way to store those items without making a mess in your home.

Looking for a place to store your collection items?

If you are a collector, you probably want to save your items from everyday home events. The perfect way to protect them is storing them in one of our storage units. They are completely safe and monitored 24/7, so there is no reason for you to worry about them being damaged or lost.

Baby on the way?

If there is a baby on the way, you are probably thinking of the ways to make space at your home for this cutie pie. Even though small, babies require a lot of space, so some of your items need to be removed from the future baby room. Well, don’t you worry, you don’t need to get rid of those. AAA Insta-Move has the perfect short-term storage solutions for you. Store your items safely and make space for your baby.

baby hands
Decorating a baby room means some of your items need to go – our short-term storage Orlando are the perfect solution for you

Starting new business?

If you are starting a new business, or simply renovating or moving your office, our company offers great solutions for businesses. You can rent our short-term commercial storage and be sure your items are safe. Commercial storage can be containerized or palletized for your convenience. Office items like office furniture, documents, and electronics need extra protection, so picking us is the right thing to do.


You’ve made a huge life decision and decided to spend some time traveling the world. Great! If you need some space to store all your belongings while you are away, our safe short-term storage Orlando. Your household items will be safe and ready for you to come back from the big trip.

Traveling is a reason to take short term storage Orlando
Traveling? You may need some short-term storage for your items

What do we offer?

AAA Insta-Move offers complete, professional moving and storage services, at affordable rates. We guarantee high levels of safety and professionalism if you decide to work with us. Our short-term storage Orlando include a number of services.

  • Mobile Storage – easy to use, mobile storage is the perfect solution to the on-site needs.
  • Huge Storage facility – our 17,000 square foot facility is one of the safest in the business.
  • Portable storage – extra space, whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Household Storage – moving house or renovating – your household items will be safe with us.
  • Commercial Storage – starting a new business, moving or renovating your office, your office items will be safe and ready to use any time.
  • Records management – any documents, legal files, medical records, both from your home or office, will be secure and always on hand when you need them.

Tips for using short-term storage Orlando

  • pack wisely – since you are using the storage unit for a short time, be sure to pack your items strategically. Put the items you’ll need first, or more often, in the front, and the other ones you don’t really need in the back.
  • use the storage up – think about the height of the storage unit and pack your items vertically to use the space the best way possible. Also, be sure to leave some space between the boxes so you can come through and reach something if you need it.
  • take care of your fragiles – sensitive items should be protected well, no matter how long you are going to store them in the unit. Actually, they need even more protection because you move them more often.
  • label – if you pack your items in boxes, be sure to label the boxes correctly. Even though it is short-term storage, it is good to know what’s inside the boxes. That way you will find your items quickly if you need them.
packing a box