The benefits of living in Ocoee, FL

Florida is surely one of the most popular states in the United States. People around the world can rarely name all the fifty states of the US, but almost all of them know Florida and can at least name one city. This just shows that Florida is an attractive place for many locals and foreigners. It is no surprise since it has everything, beautiful beaches, warm weather, lovely people, no income taxes, and an affordable lifestyle. However, moving to Florida is not so simple. Since it is a large state, you should choose your city carefully. Most people will move to Miami without giving other small cities a chance. For this reason, here are all the benefits of living in Ocoee, FL. This city might be more suitable for you than a huge Miami.  

benefits of living in Ocoee are beautiful beaches
Just like any other city in Florida, Ocoee is close to the beach

Introducing Ocoee, Florida 

As mentioned, Ocoee is a city in Florida, but to be even more specific, a city in Orange County. The population is around 43,194. Just like any other city in Florida, Ocoee is also very close to the beach. Therefore, if you are a beach lover, you do not have to travel too far away to enjoy swimming in the ocean and bathing in the sun. In addition to this, it has many shopping places and restaurants. If you want to spend a couple of days exploring the city before making your decision on moving, you will have plenty of things to do. 

Employment as one of the benefits of living in Ocoee 

Many young professionals live in Ocoee for several reasons. First is the proximity to Orlando. As you might know, Orlando is a huge city in Florida. Therefore, it offers many employment opportunities. Since Ocoee is close to Orlando and more affordable, many young experts opt for commuting. In addition to this, most employees in Ocoee have the following. 

  • Medical insurance 
  • City paid benefits 
  • Pension Plans 
  • Paid holidays, bereavement leave, and time off leave 
  • Tuition Reimbursement program 
  • Accident, cancer, and disability plans 
  • Workers’ Compensation coverage 

In addition to this, a large number of employees have flexible working hours, which is another great advantage. It should be mentioned that there is no income tax in Florida. Therefore, you can earn more than in some other states. Since the competition is quite fierce, make sure to book movers Ocoee FL on time.  

group of people using laptop compute
Ocoee is an attractive place for young professionals

Economy in Ocoee 

Now onto the economy in Ocoee. As mentioned, many young professionals want to live in this Florida city. It has great job opportunities, it is close to Orlando, and it is quite affordable. The numbers testify to this claim as well. An unemployment rate is 2.7% while the US average is 3.9%. In the last year, Ocoee’s job market has increased by 3.9%. Many experts expect this growth to continue even more. It should be 52.4% over the next ten years which is amazing considering the US average should be 33.5%. In addition to this, the average income in Ocoee is $25,386 a year compared to the US average of $28,555. The median household income is $62,487 a year while the US average is $53,482 a year. Since there is no income tax, you can afford to pay for quality Orlando moving and storage services.  

Benefits of living in Ocoee – education and schools

Ocoee is on a smaller side when it comes to cities in Florida. For this reason, it is perfect for families with children. When you are moving with kids, you have to think about their education. Luckily, Ocoee does not disappoint in this field as well. The city has 9 public schools and 2 private schools. Some of the schools are the following. 

  • Primrose School of Ocoee 
  • Ocoee High School 
  • Ocoee Middle School 
  • Hope Charter School 
  • Citrus Elementary School 

Maybe you will not like any of these schools. Then, you can enroll your kids at private schools in the area as those are considered best. In addition to this, there are many public schools serving Ocoee. Therefore, consider carefully where you want to enroll your child. The benefits of Ocoee are endless just like the school choices.  

school bus near green trees
Public schools in Ocoee are above average while public schools are excellent

Climate in Ocoee  

Florida’s climate is very interesting. It is mostly hot and humid. Weather in Ocoee is not different by any means. On average, Ocoee has 235 sunny days while the US has 205 on average. In addition to this, the city of Ocoee gets 52 inches of rain and no snow on average. April and March are the most pleasant months since it is not too hot. However, July and August are the most uncomfortable months due to high temperatures. You can seek relief from unbearable heat at the beach. In addition to this, there are many interesting places to visit not just in Ocoee, but in the area as well. For example, Disney World is only 20 minutes away. Apart from this, you can dine out, try delicious meals at local restaurants, and have fun on hot summer days. 

The benefits of living in Ocoee – its people 

Lastly, you should about Ocoee’s people as well. As mentioned, the population is around 43,000. The median age is 35 which makes Ocoee a young city. On average, families have two children. As for the racial makeup, 47% are white, 20% are black, 5.3% are Asian while 22% claim Hispanic ethnicity. Behind these numbers, you can meet many interesting people. Because of them, you will love living in Ocoee. Maybe your neighbor can give you a lift as more than 80% own a car and the commute every day. Only 0,8% take public transport. The commute time takes 29 minutes on average which is slightly higher than the US average of 26 minutes. You can say this is the only disadvantage of living in Ocoee.


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