The best college locations in Florida

best college locations in Florida

Even the mention of the word “Florida” probably raises thoughts about theme parks, sandy beaches, cruise liners, and retirement communities. And it is certainly true that Florida unites many characters in one state. But Florida also stands out when it comes to a college education. And students who want warm weather, southern charm and quality scientists in one place can find their answer here. When you start a search for a school, location narrowing is only one part of your decision. It can be difficult to determine the perfect combination of qualities that will make your college unforgettable. So, before you hire movers Deland FL and move for college, think about your new location carefully. To help you, we ranked the top 8 absolute best college locations in Florida.

Here are the best college locations in Florida

8. New College of Florida

The New College of Florida, as the only public liberal arts college in the state, is a unique school for unique students. It has a campus in Sarasota, not far from the arts district, where cultural centers such as the John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art and the Asolo Repertory Theater are located. But what really distinguishes the New College is its academic character, as the school rejects grades in all forms.

Beach in Miami
Because the beach is not the only place you are going to visit in Florida

Instead, students receive an individual curriculum and conduct independent classes throughout January. Add to this the obligatory graduation project for seniors (regardless of discipline), and it is easy to understand why New College is one of the best college locations in Florida for strong-willed, independent thinkers.

7. Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

FAMU – the only public, historically black college in the state of Florida, as well as one of the largest in the country in terms of the number of students. But the lack of competition has not weakened them: The National Science Foundation ranked FAMU #1 among all HBCUs in the country in terms of annual research and development costs.

FAMU is also a member of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund, which provides financial support to nearly 300,000 African American students across the country in their quest for higher education. Combined with the already low tuition, this makes FAMU an attractive choice for students who are moving to Florida.

6. University of North Florida

Why has the Princeton Review rated the University of North Florida among the top colleges for so many years? On the one hand, its 53 bachelor’s degrees include many of the best programs, including nationally recognized opportunities in business, coastal biology, nursing, nutrition, and music.


In fact, the UNF jazz study program is recognized worldwide, and ensembles regularly perform at popular festivals around the world. Moreover, the UNF transportation logistics program at the business school occupies a special place among the programs in Stanford, Harvard, Penn, and Wisconsin.

5. University of Florida

With a top 15 ranking from all state universities in the country and membership in the Association of American Universities, the University of Florida is easily one of the best college locations in Florida. This prestigious historic college boasts a 2000-acre campus with more than 19 historical academic buildings, dormitories, and churches. As well as world-class modern sports and athletics facilities. And with an impressive 88% graduation rate, you can be sure that UF will help you achieve success in your education and career.

4. Florida International University

Florida International University is the first and only public research university in Miami. And it is not difficult to understand why they did not bother to add another one. The FIU is not only one of the best universities in Florida. Of the 191 study programs and 280 degree programs, the FIU is the sixth largest international business program in the United States. And its net price is just over $11,000.

This is an attractive choice for all the best students in Florida. In fact, the FIU attracts more lawyers from South Florida than any other school in the country. And it also boasts a competitive level of acceptance. And not to mention that some of the top places for millennials in Florida are located in Miami.

3. Florida State University

Florida State University, founded in 1851, is not only one of the best colleges in Florida. It is also the oldest continuous higher education site in the state. The FSU is accredited by the South Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS). And offers national programs in the fields of business, engineering, medicine, social policy, and more.

Florida State University
And not to mention well-known Seminoles

But the FSU offers more than just a historical tradition of academic excellence. On its 500-acre campus, the FSU places everything from athletics NCAA Division I to the Museum of Fine Arts. As well as student media groups that include both radio and television programming.

2. University of South Florida

The University of South Florida is one of the top three Florida colleges that has received a top-level scientific classification from the Carnegie Foundation for Teaching Development. With an annual budget of more than $1.6 billion, this impressive institution is supported by an incredibly high level of research and education on three campuses.

Tampa is home to most of the doctoral studies at the USF. As well as nursing, medicine, health, and pharmacy colleges. The campuses on the waterfront in St. Petersburg and Sarasota are more intimate. But they still offer a combination of more than 40 educational programs. And if you like the place and want to stay, you should know that Tampa is one of the best places to buy a house in Florida.

1. University of Central Florida

At the top of our list, we have the University of Central Florida. A school that has the highest student enrollment in the country. What attracts these 52,000 young students to UCF every year? UCF received the title of top up and coming university according to the US News. It attracted the attention of the whole country due to the exceptional level of graduates of 70%. And an impressive return on investment over 20 years in the amount of more than 300 thousand US dollars.

UCF is definitely one of the best college locations in Florida. In addition to being a space grant, the school is also known for its contributions to optics, modeling, digital media, engineering, computer science, and more. So, if you are interested in this university, find out the Orlando movers prices and find the best ones for moving to your new location.


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