The best Florida cities for millennials

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Millennials are constantly searching for the best place to live and settle down. They are looking for a city that offers affordable housing options and well-paid jobs. This is expected since millennials should be able to afford the expensive life in big cities. Apart from these necessities, most millennials look for entertainment. This comes as no surprise as most millennials are in their twenties or early thirties. For this reason, they need a place where they can find a stable job, great shopping and entertainment options, places where they can meet other young people, and so on. If you are one of them, here are the best Florida cities for millennials. When you find the city you like, make sure to hire reliable movers New Smyrna Beach FL. You should get all the help you need to organize your relocation to one of the best Florida cities for millennials. 

The benefits of living in Florida cities for millennials 

If you are not sure about moving to one of the Florida cities for millennials, here are all the benefits of the same. 

  • Florida weather – if you hate cold temperatures, then move to Florida. It is hot and sunny most of the time. For this reason, you can spend your time outside, exploring the area, doing various sports, and so on. 
  • No snow – there is nothing worse than waking up in the morning, leaving your warm bed to go out and scrap the ice off your car windows. If you move to Florida, you can forget about shovels and snow. 
  • No state income tax – you will just have to pay federal taxes. In addition to this, housing prices are more affordable. 
  • Lots of beaches – and they are never far away. 
  • Sports – you can choose between sailing, diving, yachting, swimming, golfing, tennis, and so many more. 
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Moving to Florida for warm and sunny weather

Orlando as the first Florida city for millennials 

Orlando is the best Florida city for millennials. It has become even more popular than Miami in recent years. The reason is simple, it offers many interesting neighborhoods that are extremely popular among millennials. Those would be the following. 

  • Business Districts – the business district is on the modern side where most of the big business corporations are located. For this reason, it is quite popular among millennials as their work will be quite close to their home. Therefore, they can save time on commuting. In addition to this, the business district features many popular bars and restaurants in Orlando. 
  • Downtown – here you can find the Wall Street Plaza, the County Club of Orlando, beautiful parks, and other popular places in Orlando. 
  • Maitland – another popular place among millennials, but it is located on the outskirts of the city. In addition to this, housing prices are higher than the rest of the city. 


It is impossible not to include Miami when talking about the best Florida cities for millennials. Miami is the most popular and well-known place in the state. It is also quite attractive to foreigners. For this reason, if you want to live in a big city with exciting nightlife, plenty of job opportunities, and interesting neighbors, Miami is the place for you. However, moving to Miami means you have to choose your neighborhood wisely. That is why Miami neighborhoods deserve their own list. 

street during night
Miami is the most popular city in Florida

Brickell, Miami 

Brickell is one of the most popular Miami neighborhoods. The population counts 29,2856 people. Mostly young families find Brickell as the best place to settle down. The reason for this would be excellent public schools, a low crime rate, and plenty of parks. However, this does not have to mean that Brickell is deprived of exciting nightlife. Just on the contrary, many would say that Brickell’s nightlife can match the Miami standard for nightlife. Lastly, residents are quite liberal. Therefore, they will welcome new residents with open arms. 

Omni, Miami 

Omni can be described as a place of small size yet large attraction. This is the place of art. Here, you can find a contemporary exhibition center, the Perez Art Museum. This museum has more than 2000 artworks. In addition to this, Adrienne Arsht Center is the biggest hall for performing arts in the whole state. Lastly, Bayfront Park is one of the largest outdoor spaces with over 32 acres. Considering all of this, it is no surprise that Omni is popular among millennials, especially among young families. That is why many decide to move with their kids to this part of Miami. 

airplane at the sky
Move to one of the best cities for millennial in Florida

Tampa as the last among the Florida cities for millennials 

Due to recent developments, Tampa is once again popular, especially among millennials. There are plenty of job opportunities for millennials. It has cozy and cute neighborhoods, perfect for young people. Courier City is considered the best neighborhood in Tampa. It offers great public schools, plenty of entertainment options, and affordable living costs.  

Moving tips 

As you are planning to move to one of these Florida cities for millennials, here are the best moving tips. First, find the best movers Leesburg FL. Then, start organizing your move on time. This means at least two months in advance. In addition to this, gather all the necessary packing supplies. Those would include moving boxes, wrapping materials, tape, and labels. When you start to pack your items, make sure to pack one room at the time. This way you will not lose or misplace anything. If you happen to need help, you can always ask your movers for assistance. However, make sure to ask them about additional costs if they offer more than just moving services. 

Should you move to Florida? 

As you can see, these would be all the best Florida places for millennials. If you happen to like any of these cities or neighborhoods, do not hesitate. Look for job opportunities and housing options. Maybe you will find something that you like so you can join other millennials in Florida.


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