The best places for family fun in Orlando

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If you are looking for family fun in Orlando, you are most definitely in the right place. Orlando is second to none when it comes to the number of things you can do for fun. The thing is, you have a lot of restaurants, museums and hidden gems and corners to see… But we all know there is one very special reason that we all go to Orlando. That part of the year where we print matching T-shirts and get matching dorky hats. That one very special event that is one of the best places for family fun in Orlando… Movers Orange City FL have a lot of experience with people who simply decided to stay in Orlando.

That’s right, you have guessed it… Disney World! The absolute most perfect place and event for the entire family. There is almost nothing that will make for such a brilliant experience. However, it gets better. There is another. Right next to this glorious place is the Universal Studios theme park. Oh my, just when you thought it can’t get any better, it just did. And my, it most truly did. These are not, however, the only things you can do. But if you are looking for family fun in Orlando, this will consume most of your free time.

Family fun in Orlando – Disney World!

As mentioned before, there are countless fun corners in Orlando that you can explore with your family, but… But, we should start with the big guns! Disney World is the prime champion for family fun in Orlando. It will be the first destination of 90% of families that venture there. And for a good reason too! The most unique fact about Disney World is the fact that it can be appealing to both parents and kids! There are countless things you can do together, or separately while still having a lot of fun.

However, some of you have never been to Disney World and potentially have no clue about what I am saying. In order for you to understand I will try providing you with somewhat of a description of what awaits inside. Regardless of how much I try, I will most likely not do it justice. Still, maybe this teaser will serve as a motivation for when you reach the point of planning your next family vacation. Hopefully, this will sell you on the idea of how much family fun in Orlando you can have!

What can you do in Disney World

The thing about Disney World is that you can’t see it all in one day. Technically you could, but it would be a wasted opportunity to experience it in the right way. If you rush through it you will be skipping many things, or simply storming through them. This would be one heck of a shame to do. This is why, if you are planning to have a lovely family experience in Orlando’s Disney World you should leave a couple of days for it. If you don’t, you will be under pressure and in a constant run. After it all, you will be exhausted and it will not end up being the experience you’ve hoped for. Orlando may not be one of the best places to raise a family in Florida, but it is certainly the most fun place to take one!

Disney World Castle
The perfect place to take your family to.

So, the first step in enjoying Disney World is to leave enough time for it. Take three days, this will be the optimal duration of your visit. At the entrance to the theme park, you will have a huge map showing everything that you are able to witness and do inside. There are daily events, shows, rides, museums, and galleries. There are countless things you can experience in 3D, 4D all the way up to 8D (never knew this one existed before I visited the park). Once you take a look at the map and the timetable, plan out how you are going to do things. Make a solid 3-day plan and you will experience everything, without stress or drama.

Shortlist of things to see?

The things you can do? There are more rides to try out than I can count. There are rides that are of educational value, where you go on a journey through the past, for example. You will have countless events with your favorite Disney characters. As of recently, all you Star War fans will have a very popular corner for yourself. On top of all that, the food is amazing and the staff is impeccable.

family fun in Orlando includes countless rides
Some rides are fun, some are just too scary.

If you end up loving it so much that you wish to stay, make sure to contact Orlando moving and storage! We’d be more than happy to hear about it.

Second stop – Universal Studios theme park

The second best thing to Disney World is the Universal Studio theme park. If you are looking for a different type of family fun in Orlando, then this place will be to your liking. When people ask me how to plan their vacation in Orlando, I tell them to always leave a week for Universal Studios and Disney World. If you do not see that at least once in a lifetime you will be at a major loss. A major, major loss.

Disney World stone wall
Super fun things to see in Disney World!

Universal Studios is a theme park much like Disney World, just with a different theme. You will find many of your most favorite movie and cartoon characters and participate in theme-related events. For instance, the one thing I will remember for the rest of my life is the Amazing Hulk ride in Universal Studios. I thought that it was the most amazing and scariest experience of my life. Looking back at it now, since it was 10 years ago, I would probably never ride it again. But if you are wondering whether it created a worthy memory – it did. I will never forget that vacation.


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