The best places for single parents in Florida

There are many good places for single parents in Florida

If you are a single parent, you know it takes a lot of patience and persistence to nurture your child. Because there will be a lot of pressure, and often not so much support. However, if you settle in a place that understands special challenges single parents experience, it’ll be easier. One of the states that offers so much fun and activities for you and your youngsters is Florida. Hence, it is a perfect family-friendly state for single parents. Not only your kids can play outside all day long, but you can take them to beach trips. That will make every day a party for your kids, but you as a single parent, as well. Eventually, you can enjoy while raising a happy and healthy child. Read on because we’ve created a list of the best places for single parents in Florida.

Let’s begin with a list of the best places for single parents in Florida

With the population of 21,477,737 people in 2019, Florida is big enough to give many opportunities to its residents. That includes single parents as well. If you are thinking about moving to Florida with your kids, you are on the right track. For the technicalities, there are many reliable moving companies in Sanford FL, who can help you manage your relocation. So, we’ve got that covered. Also, we’ve analyzed cities in Florida based upon crime levels, family activities, and quality of schools. As a result, we’ve put together a list of the best places for single parents.

  • Winter Park,
  • Maitland,
  • Kissimmee,
  • Parkland,
  • Naples,
  • Tampa,
  • Miami Lakes.

One of the best places for single parents in Florida is Winter Park

If your kids don’t like winter, this is the place for you. Winter Park has 238 sunny days per year. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about snow. You neither have to worry about the relocation itself, as there are trustworthy and reliable movers Ocoee FL. They will take care of your move. Furthermore, Winter Park has been declared as the fourth family-friendly city in Florida in 2019. Of course, that includes single-parent families as well. This gorgeous city is in Orange County and it offers tons of family-friendly things to do. It’s surrounded by water, which gives you plenty of ideas to entertain your child. Also, Winter Park is a kid-friendly resort community with great parks, multiple beaches, and museums. Also, Winter Park offers great education opportunities for your kids. It has multiple blue ribbon elementary schools, three gold star high schools, and six colleges.

The main criteria why we find Winter Park one of the best places for single parents in Florida

To simplify, Winter Park has 23.9% of households with kids, which will allow your kid to find friends easily. The proximity of Orlando, the closest major city, also gives your family a lot of opportunities. Finally, with a population of around 30,000 people, it’s ideal for bringing up your kids without too much crowd around.

Winter Park is one of the best places for single parents in Florida
If you chose Winter Park amongst the best places for single parents in Florida, you will be satisfied.

Another great city for single parents in Florida – Maitland

Maybe it is simply enough to say that Maitland is just north of Disney World to get your attention. Are you interested? Well, as the most family-friendly city in Florida for 2019, you will be lucky to call this city home. Especially if you’re a single parent. This city is surrounded by lakes and gardens. Also, it offers many job opportunities, great education, and a lot of family-friendly amenities. Therefore, it is no wonder why Maitland’s city motto is „A community for life“. Because once you settle there with your kids, you’ll never want to leave. Especially when it has four large parks, five museums, and two colleges. All of these reasons are good enough to consider moving to Maitland with your kids.

Naples is another great family-friendly place for single parents in Florida

Naples is one of the wealthiest cities in Florida and the eight most affordable city in Florida in 2019. Therefore, with all that wealth comes a safe community and many gold star schools. Also, Naples offers many family-friendly activities to keep your kids entertained for days. Moreover, the economy of Naples is in expansion and makes Naples one of the best places for single parents. Historically, the economy of Naples is based on real estate development and agriculture. Nowadays, it is based largely on tourism and it is very popular among ecotourists. That highers the level of standard and quality of life there, eventually giving you better possibilities for work and earning.

Best places for single parents in Florida include fantastic beaches
Florida beaches are an infinite source of fun for your kids.

More family-friendly places in Florida for single parents


With the city’s motto – „A Community of Neighborhoods for Families!“, it is quite logical. This city is the third most family-friendly city in Florida, and as such, it is good enough to reside there. Kissimmee has ten parks, 32 miles of bike trails, and is located near Disney World, SeaWorld, and Universal Orlando Resort. Surely planning a trip to Disney World will make your kids’ day. Finally, maybe you’ll find useful to know that the median household income for Kissimmee is close to $37,000 per year. Not bad, right?


Let’s not forget to mention the city of Parkland as the second most family-friendly city in Florida in 2019. With the highest percentages of families with kids, there’ll be plenty of kids to play with after you move. Additionally, there are plenty of great schools and high paying jobs. All in all, it is such a safe environment for your whole family, including the youngest.


As one of the cities with the most family amenities in Florida, it is quite appealing for families. It is located in Hillsborough County and it is the seventh most affordable city in Florida in 2019. Moreover, Tampa has amazing food, beaches, great parks, and a lot of sunshine. It also offers diverse and lively neighborhoods, but also quite and beachside neighborhoods, on the other side. Whichever is your option, Tampa is the town for you. By gaining approximately 97,000 residents per year, it’s becoming more appealing for single parents. You should consider this city to become your home. You surely won’t regret it.

Tampa is one of the best places for single parents in Florida
Tampa offers many great opportunities for single parents with kids.

Let’s summarize

With so many perks, you won’t have a problem to pick one of the best places for single parents in Florida. We wish you a successful relocation and an unforgettable life with your kids in a new setting.


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