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If you get a little bit sentimental every time you come across the phrase “Seminole Wind”, you’re definitely a Floridian at heart. While Florida is popular for its famous and beautiful beaches, true Floridians believe that this country’s true beauty lies in its swamps, sinkholes, and cypress forests. All of which make this place one of the most unique ecosystems in America. And we at AAA Insta-Move happen to believe that these locations are the most charming places in FL. So we decided to bring you some of the most beautiful places in the swamp state you probably have never heard of.

Unexpected charming places in Florida:

1. Devil’s Millhopper, Gainesville

You can clearly see how hot Florida was for the early settlers by how many places they named after hell. One of them turned out to be one of the most charming places in FL – the Devil’s Millhopper. It’s a sinkhole that has evolved into its own complex micro-ecosystem. This park lies just a few miles outside of UF and is a National Natural Landmark. It actually looks like a tropical rainforest that suddenly emerged in the middle of North Central Florida. Movers in Winter Park FL recommend it because its fauna is full of marine and mammal fossils. Which is also why it is a research hotspot.

Beaches are some of the most charming places in FL
While Florida’s beaches can compete with any tropical paradise, we’re not low in the remote, fern-covered waterfall department.

2. The most charming places in FL: Apalachicola Bluffs and Ravines Preserve

When your first association to hearing the words “bluff” and “Florida” in the same sentence is to think they involve some sort of a crazy scam. But, don’t worry we are not bluffing with our list of the most charming places in FL. Just like our Orlando movers quotes are legit and honest. This rare elevation over the Apalachicola River has some of the most breathtaking views in the state. But the spot is so amazing that one former owner named it Garden of Eden, and used to charge visitors to see it. So he kind of was scamming people.

3. Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park

The entire Everglades is a spectacular place with its big cypress trees, soaring herons, and mangroves navigating their way over black water. And the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve State Park captures it all. It is famous as “the Amazon of North America”. It is truly special just like our specialized moving services. Consists of a rugged, swampy stretch of land that is mentioned in the book The Orchid Thief, and later in its movie version.

4. The most charming places in FL: Withlacoochee state trail, Citrus County

Citrus County is mostly popular for the opportunity to swim with manatees. But the 46-mile Withlacoochee state trail that runs through Citrus, Hernando, and Pasco counties is an also experience only unique to Florida. The stunning bike route takes riders past gorgeous swamps with giant lily pads. Then through divine palmettos and pines, and past charming small southern towns. Finally, it will take you to a roadside orange juice stand. It truly is one of the most charming places in FL.

The highest waterfall in the state is an end of a trail full of tropical foliage. The 73-foot waterfall drops, like so many Florida homes, into a mysterious sinkhole.

5. Kanapaha Botanical Gardens

The University of Florida is home to 24 different gardens: from Japanese marvels to rose gardens to fun palm hammocks and a stunning butterfly garden. Kanapaha is also home to the largest bamboo display in Florida and the largest herb garden in the Southeast. So charming!

6. Cape Romano Dome Homes at Marco Island

There is a mysterious dome homes complex on the outer shores of the Everglades. They were once meant to be beach houses for oil magnate Bob Lee. The architects did think about building them sturdy enough to withstand hurricanes. But unfortunately, these concrete structures were not immune to beach erosion. So these houses once stood on the sand but are now bizarre-looking white domes contrasting the Everglades’ green and Gulf of Mexico’s blue. Weird but worth visiting.

7. The most charming places in FL: Topsail Hill State Park, Santa Rosa Beach

This the most unusual beach in the state, because it has dunes more than 25 feet high. They are so high that from offshore they look like the sails on a ship, which is where they got the name. What’s even more unusual, are the three freshwater dune lakes that are full of fish.

8. Dry Tortugas National Park, Key West

One of the most charming places in FL is also one of the most overlooked national parks in the country. Sure it nestles a 16 million-brick fort, a former prison nonetheless, which serves as the centerpiece to this island park. But nowadays it has been transforming into a little slice of tropical heaven. What makes it even more attractive is that it is only accessible by boat or seaplane. Overnight camping is possible, but the islands are so remote you should make a note to bring your own water.

9. Bok Tower and Gardens, Lake Wales

Hilltop mansions are one of the most charming places in FL because the Mediterranean-style home is a rarity. Both in terms of its elevation and its surroundings. Once home to the Pulitzer Prize winner Edward Bok, the lush gardens are the idea of the famous landscape artist Frederick Law Olmsted. Bok commissioned the artist to transform a garden into a serene place surrounding the Singing Tower, the gardens’ centerpiece. He loved to sit there and listen to the 60 bells coming from the Tower.

Underwater medusas and other colorful creaturesq
Florida is rivaled by only Hawaii as a state that’s almost as beautiful underwater as it is above.

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