The packing supplies you will need for your next move

There are many packing supplies you will need for your next move

Organizing a successful relocation depends on so many factors. One of them is the right packing and moving supplies. They can make a difference between a successful move and a not so successful one. Yet, if you think you’ll need just boxes and tape for handling the move, think again. To help you, we’ve created a list of essential packing supplies you will need for your next move. Our guide will help you to make your move manageable by using the best packing supplies. Eventually, our list will help you to save money on your packing and moving supplies. Read on and get the right answers and advice to some frequently asked questions about packing supplies.

You can get packing supplies you’ll need for your next move from your moving company

There are so many perks if you hire professional movers to handle your relocation. Not only they offer services such as packing, but they can also help you find storage Sanford FL. Furthermore, the moving company you’ve chosen can help you with the packing supplies you will need for your upcoming move. It will eventually save you some money by renting some packing supplies from a moving company, instead of buying them.

Estimate the number of boxes you’ll need for your next relocation

One of the most essential packing supplies you’ll use for your move is moving boxes. That’s why it’s crucial to get a rough estimate of how many boxes you’ll need. Note that you’ll probably need more or fewer boxes depending on your packing style. However, our advice is to get more boxes before you move. So, when the packing day comes, you won’t have to run to the store and buy more boxes. Especially not when you are in the middle of a packing process, right?

Cardboard boxes are the most important part of your upcoming relocation
One of the most important packing supplies you will need for your next move is moving boxes. Get enough of them before you start your relocation.

The cost of the packing supplies you need for your upcoming move

People often make a mistake by not including the price of moving supplies when calculating the total price of moving. So, make sure to account for them in your budget. When you ask for Orlando movers quotes, ask them to give you a rough estimate of the packing supplies’ cost. Anyway, you should know that the cost of packing supplies will depend on several factors.

  • If you’re planning a local move, you won’t need a padlock, as you won’t leave things in your truck overnight. Also, you may already have some of the needed items, such as cargo straps or a toolbox.
  • The total cost of your packing supplies will also depend on how much stuff you have to move. Hence, the more stuff you have, the more supplies you’ll need. However, if you choose a full-service moving company, your moving package could include most supplies. The conclusion is that you’ll spend more of your budget on packing supplies if you do a DIY move.
  • No one can give you a definitive answer to how much money you need for packing supplies. However, we can offer a rough range which will surely help you to plan your moving budget. For instance, if you already have plenty of packing supplies, you might spend around $50. Yet, if you choose to buy absolutely everything, you could spend as much as $500.

Extra tip for saving money on packing supplies you’ll use for your next move

Over 10 percent of Americans move each year, based on some statistics. So, you surely know someone who has extra boxes and packing supplies sitting around. That’s why we always recommend you ask around. You can even put out a post on social media and find reusable moving supplies that way.

There are ways to save on the packing supplies you will need for your next move
You can always save some money on packing supplies, such as moving boxes.

The most needed packing supplies for your next move

Besides moving boxes which are pretty much the most important moving supply, there’s more to it.  


Logically, you can’t just throw everything in a moving box. You need to protect your belongings before putting them in boxes. So, cushioning is a must when it comes to packing supplies. For instance, you can use foam wrap sheets to protect fragile items like the dishes. Also, newspapers are a good option for protection. Although the newspaper won’t have the cushioning ability of proper packing supplies, it can be used. However, avoid using newspaper for really delicate items.

Packing tape

When it comes to packing tape, our advice is to spend a few dollars more on quality tape. Don’t get tempted to get the cheapest one, as it’s often too thin to use easily. Also, it doesn’t have great sticking power. So, the bottom line is not to save money on this packing supply. However, if you wish to save some money, buy a packing tape in bulk rolls. Finally, use a tape gun to dispense tape quickly. Eventually, you will use more packing tape than you would expect.

Use packing tape to make your packing process easier
Do not try to save money on packing tape, as it is one of the most important packing materials.

Rope or cargo straps

Although we can’t categorize ropes and straps as packing materials, they are essential when you load your moving truck. They will eventually keep your items from shifting around. Hence, get the cargo straps and ropes before your relocation and make sure they are thick enough. That will secure your items and prevent damage.

Labeling materials

While you pack, it’s preferable to label your boxes. Therefore, get the labeling materials that you’ll use for your next move. So, you can write directly on a box, or you can use colored stickers. It is up to you to pick the method of labeling that suits you best. Finally, whatever you chose, make sure to label the boxes on multiple sides.

The summary

After getting acquainted with our list of packing supplies you will need for your next move, you’re ready. All you are left to do is to apply our advice and handle a successful relocation. Good luck!


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