The right way to pack your child’s room

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The stress you feel about moving is doubled in your child’s mind. They are leaving behind their friends and home to go to a strange place. Children can have an especially hard time adjusting to a new home. That is why it’s important to communicate with them. Moreover, they don’t have to be separate from the packing process. When you pack your child’s room, keep them in the loop. Here is a detailed guide on how to go about this task, and things you should keep in mind.

Talk to your child about the move

Whether it is a local move or a cross-country one, your child will feel anxious. You should communicate to them all the good things about moving into a new home. Explain to them that packing their things doesn’t mean that they will never see them again. The sooner they know about the move, the more time they will have to adjust. Moreover, they will be more likely to feel excited, rather than scared.

Declutter before you pack your child’s room

Like any other room in the house, it’s best to declutter before you start packing. It will help you manage the stress of moving if you have a clean slate. You will likely find clothes that are too small or toys that are no longer interesting. You can donate these items to a charity or give them to friends or family.

Declutter before you pack your child's room to save time and money.
Donate old clothes and toys to a charity.

Alternatively, you can sell the items at a yard sale or online. The fewer items there are in the room, the less time it will take you to pack it all up. Moreover, you will save money on packing materials as well as on the move itself. Finally, your child will be happy to have a fresh start.

Pack your child’s room last

In order to keep your child away from the moving frenzy, you should save their room for last. Pack up everything else before you head into their room. That way, their routine will be less disrupted and they will have more consistency. While you should be open to your child about the move, you should also spare them the unnecessary stress.

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Pack non-essentials first

During the days before the move, you should start packing the items your child doesn’t use every day. These include toys, seasonal clothes, book, pictures, etc. That way, you clean out most of the items without disrupting your child’s routine. Leave the essentials for last, such as clothes they will wear during and after the move, their favorite toy or video game, and some coloring books. You should pack these items in a separate bag that you will carry with you, in case of a moving emergency. Moreover, pack their favorite snacks and books to distract them, if you are heading for a long trip.

You can make packing into a game

Packing and moving is a great opportunity to teach your child the value responsibility. They are accountable for their own things and should learn to take care of them properly. On the other hand, it doesn’t have to be a struggle. You can make packing fun by mixing in racing games or dancing while you pack. Have a competition to see who can pack more items into a box or make up dance moves that go with sorting.

pack your child's room - You can use toys as a part of the game.
Turn packing into a game to get the job done while having fun.

Your child will realize that the move is not something awful, but actually fun and exciting. Finally, if you’re not sure what to do with moving boxes after the move, you can always give them to your child to draw on or make crafts.

Let them decorate the boxes when you pack your child’s room

To break the dullness of packing, mix in decorations. Your child will love the opportunity to be creative. Give them coloring pencils and crayons, as well as stickers and glitter. They can draw faces or write their own things on the boxes. This turns packing into a fun activity, rather than a chore. However, make sure that you write clearly what is inside each box. If you don’t, you mind end up unpacking every single box in search of their favorite picture book.

Packing your child’s room into boxes

Unlike adults, children are very susceptible to germs and bacteria. That is why you should always clean an item before placing it in a box. Furthermore, place clean packing paper on the bottom and the sides of the box, to prevent dirt from gathering. Finally, place one more layer of paper or padding on top of the items before closing the box.

pack your child's room - Padding and bubble wrap are essential.
Use new boxes instead of used ones when you pack your child’s room.

When it comes to bedding and sheets, always clean them thoroughly before packing. Place them in weatherproof plastic wrap before putting them in boxes. Clearly label the boxes with bedding, because chances are you will need it on the first night after the move. Alternatively, you can pack the bedding for the first couple of days after the move in a separate box.

Packing your child’s books

Books are fairly easy to pack and sometimes people have a tendency to overpack one large box with books. When you do this, you run the risk of the bottom of the box breaking. This can happen just as you are moving the box to the truck or from it. If the bottom breaks, your child’s books might get damaged. Instead, you should know the best way to pack books. Pack them into small cardboard boxes rather than large ones. Pack 2-3 books to a box, especially if they are heavy.

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Use padding when you pack your child’s room

When you pack your child’s room, use moving paper or bubble wrap to secure decorations, wall hangings, and mirrors. You can also use old blankets or newspapers to fill the spaces between items. Furthermore, when you pack toys, use padding to prevent them from breaking or sliding around on the truck.


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