Things you can and can’t keep in your storage unit

Know the rules before you rent a storage unit.

There are many different reasons for renting a storage unit. Whether you are moving, traveling, or just want a temporary place to store your items, renting such a unit is a good idea. However, there are some rules about the things you can and can’t keep in your storage unit. Although the rules may differ for different facilities, some basic storing regulations are the same for most. In our guide, you will learn which items are allowed and even common, and which are strictly forbidden. On the other hand, you should do research of your own to find the specific regulations for your storage facility.

Things you can keep in your storage unit


Furniture is a very common item in storage units. Many people put their furniture in storage units Orlando when they are moving before they make the room for it in their new home. This is an excellent way of knowing that your items are safe while you are transferring. Additionally, you should prepare your furniture before you store it. Clean it with a damp rag and let it dry completely. Finally, cover the pieces with a plastic sheet. Just make sure that you don’t wrap it too tightly. This might cause mold and mildew to form and ruin your items.

Things you can and can't keep in your storage unit - furniture is allowed.
Store antique furniture in a climate-controlled unit.


Electronic devices are valuable and storage units are a great place to keep them safe. These include TVs, DVDs, computers, printers, monitors, gaming devices, etc. However, keep in mind that you need to remove the batteries before storing. If you don’t, it can cause damage to the device if kept for a longer period of time. Aside from storage units, you can also rent mobile pods Orlando. These pods are excellent for mobile storage and you can take them with you anywhere you go.

Things you can keep in your storage unit – registered vehicles

While unregistered vehicles are on the list of things you can’t keep in your storage unit, registered vehicles are allowed. All you need to have are the right documents to present. You can store cars, boats, RVs, motorbikes, etc. Keep in mind that you might need to call ahead if your vehicle is large. The facility needs time to find the right size storage unit for your needs.

Store your boat in a big enough unit.
Boats are becoming more common in storage units.


Clothes are also among the most common things in storage units. Storing away seasonal clothing will help you reduce clutter in your home. You probably don’t need those sweaters in July or swimsuit in December. On the other hand, just like with furniture, you need to prepare and pack them properly. Don’t overstuff boxes, but rather fill empty spaces with plastic bubbles. Alternatively, you can use vacuum bags to keep your clothes protected from insects and mold.

Things you can’t keep in your storage unit

Perishable items

Any food items that can go bad are strictly forbidden in storage units. These include fruits and vegetables, meats, dairy products, cereal, rice, etc. These items will attract insects and rodents in your unit which can cause damage to your other items. Moreover, the infestation can spread across the entire facility and damage other people’s property as well. If you think that your dog’s food is allowed, think again. Pet food is a haven for these critters and you might find a few nests in there after a while. To be safe, don’t store anything that can be considered edible. This will save you many headaches in the future.

Pets and plants

Even though it is common sense, it is worth noting that you can’t keep animals in your storage unit. You cannot leave animals alone in the dark, without food or water, and completely alone. This is not only cruel, but also illegal. Furthermore, you can’t store plants in storage units either. They need light and water and will surely wilt even after a couple of days. If you are unsure of what to do with your pet during a move, you can ask a friend or family member to keep an eye on them. This is surely the better alternative to keeping them locked up in a dark storage unit.

Dogs can suffocate in such small places.
You can go to jail if you put your pets in a storage unit.

Things you can’t keep in your storage unit – people

While it may seem like a good idea to have an office in your storage unit, your facility will not allow this. Most facilities forbid people to work out of their units. Moreover, they will not allow you to live there either. These units are made for storing items, not people. In most units, there are no windows and the temperature is not meant for people staying there over long periods of time. You will be exposed to many health risks, not to mention insects and rodents. Furthermore, those who own the facility will most likely call the authorities if they find you inside. Spare yourself the trouble and avoid inhabiting your storage unit.

Hazardous materials

When it comes to things you can and can’t keep in your storage unit, hazardous materials are on top of the ‘forbidden’ list. These items include anything flammable, explosive, corrosive, or toxic. In other words, you can’t store gasoline, chemicals, cleaners, oil, paint, gases, fertilizers, etc. Unpredictable things can happen which can cause an explosion or gas leak in your unit. Not only is it a risk for your belongings, but also those in other units. Moreover, this can also cause people to get sick or poisoned.

Also, weapons and fireworks of any kind are not allowed. They can go off accidentally and hurt you or others. So, to be as safe as possible, don’t try to store these items in your unit. Finally, make sure you ask your storage unit provider for a detailed list of things you can and can’t keep in your storage unit. This will give you the complete picture on what to avoid when you pack your unit.


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