Tips and tricks for finding the right storage boxes

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When you have too many items and not enough space, you need to rent a storage unit. This will help you in keeping your home well-organized. In addition to this, you can always take something out of your storage if you need it. For this reason, find your storage Orlando that will fit your needs. However, you cannot just put your items inside and call it a day. They can easily get damaged. That is why you should protect your items properly. The best way to do it is by getting the right storage boxes. If you do not know how, here are all the important tips and tricks for finding the right storage boxes. 

Storage units 

Before you start searching for the right storage boxes, you have to find good storage units. There are several ways to do this feat. The first one is to ask your friends and family for recommendations. They might rent one currently so you can be sure that those storage units are in acceptable condition. Also, they might know someone who is renting or has rented a storage unit in the past. Even the bad feedback about certain storage facilities is welcome. Then, you will know which facility to skip. In addition to this, you can also search on the Internet. Just type in storage Sanford FL, for example. Then see what comes up. Make sure to read reviews as they are pretty telling about the facilities and their management. Lastly, it is extremely important to go and visit the units before you sign anything 

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Find a good storage unit

Where to find the right storage boxes 

There are several places where you can find the right storage boxes, and most of them are for free. 

  • Craigslist – you can check their Free section and see if anyone is giving away the boxes. 
  • Freecycle – another place where you can check if there are any moving boxes for free. 
  • U-Haul Customer Connect – people who want to give away their boxes, usually do it here so you can pick them up. 
  • Local Facebook Groups – if you have a Facebook group for your neighborhood/town, see if someone posted about this topic or you can ask. 
  • Retailers – local stores always have leftover boxes from their articles so you can ask them to give you some.  
  • Office Buildings – as they receive tons of packages almost every day, they will have many boxes to give. 
  • Some who recently moved – if you know someone who recently moved, they still might have their boxes. 

Types of the right storage boxes 

When you plan to find boxes for storage, you have to choose the ones that will offer the proper protection. For this reason, the cardboard boxes are the most common ones used for storage. They are cheap, sometimes free, light, easy to label and pack. In addition to this, when you are done using them, you can just recycle them. However, cardboard does not fare well when it is extremely hot inside or humid. They are the best choice if you are going to rent a climate-controlled storage unit. If you want to rent a traditional unit, then use it for short-term storage. Apart from this, cardboard attracts bugs and other pests. That is why you need to check the condition of your possible unit before actually renting it. 

Plastic bins 

Not exactly your typical boxes, but plastic bins are also great for storage. Unlike cardboard boxes, plastic bins will offer proper protection against moisture, heat, and other severe conditions. In addition to this, they will not attract pests. You do not have to use tape to seal them as they are self-sealable. However, they are more expensive than cardboard boxes. For this reason, they are not as popular as cardboard boxes. They are, however, rather indestructible and you can reuse them for many purposes. Lastly, if you plan to find only short-term storage, then you can skip on buying plastic bins. On the other hand, if you are renting long-term storage, then invest in some plastic bins, especially for your valuable items. 

shelves in the storage unit
Organize your unit well

Special boxes for storage 

As it was mentioned, if you plan to store valuable items, you need to protect them properly. For this reason, you can buy special boxes that are designed for certain items. For example, if you want to store dishes, then you need to make sure they will not break. The same thing goes for art collections, holiday decorations, electronic devices, and so on. In addition to this, these boxes are the best for packing these already mentioned items. Most of these items are quite difficult to pack due to their shape and size. When you get these boxes, the problem is solved. However, special boxes are more expensive than ordinary ones.  

Size of the right storage boxes 

The right storage boxes come in several different sizes.  

  • Small boxes – approximately 16 x 12.5 x 12.5, or 1.5 cubic feet. Use this for small, heavy items, such as books, dishes, and vases. They can handle up to 60 pounds, but just to be safe, do not go over 50 pounds. 
  • Medium boxes – about 18 x 18 x 16, or 3 cubic feet, for clothing, pans, pots, and toys mostly. The weight limit is up to 65 pounds. 
  • Large boxes – 18 x 18 x 24, or 4.5 cubic feet and you can use them for small kitchen appliances, linens, lamps, and so on. The limit is also 65 pounds. 
  • Extra-large boxes – 24 x 18 x 24, or 6.1 cubic feet for everything that cannot fit into smaller boxes. The weight limit is 70 pounds. 
  • Wardrobe boxes – meant for packing your clothes, and they in all sizes. 
find the right storage boxes in the pile of boxes
Choose your storage boxes carefully

All the tips and tricks 

As you can see, these would be all the important tips and tricks for finding the right storage boxes. First, find a good storage unit, then protect your items with quality storage boxes. Remember to always choose quality over quantity as your items might get damaged. You will save money by protecting your items, not by choosing the cheap boxes in poor condition.


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