Tips for finding a proper long-term storage unit in Orlando

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Are you moving and you need a place to store your belongings for some time? Have you finally decided to declutter your home and now you need a new place to put those things? Or just maybe you are downsizing from a house to an apartment and you don’t have the heart to throw out your belongings? Or maybe you need storage for your business? Well, no matter the reason you can’t store your belongings just anywhere. You need to find a proper long-term storage unit in Orlando. And if you decide to read further, you’ll learn what exactly a proper long-term storage is and how you can find it. So stay tuned!

The first step to finding a proper long-term storage unit in Orlando – recommendations

Like with anything else you want to hire, buy or rent, you want it to be reliable and proper. So that means that you can’t take recommendations just from anyone. That person has to be trustworthy.

And who else fits that description better than your friends and family?

So ask your friends and family if they know some proper long-term storage unit in Orlando. Maybe they even have some of their belongings in storage! However, their idea of a proper long-term storage unit in Orlando doesn’t have to be the same one as yours. Maybe storage Sanford FL is perfect for you, but they see some flaws. So it’d be best if you described what you’re looking for in a storage unit when you ask them for recommendations.

Other places where you can find recommendations

When you’re done asking your inner circle of people for recommendations on a proper long-term storage unit in Orlando, it’s time to ask further. Next in line are your colleagues and acquaintances. The more people you ask for recommendations the easier you’ll find a proper long-term storage unit in Orlando.

Salt - Tips for finding a proper long-term storage unit in Orlando
Just remember to take every recommendation with a grain of salt.

Not fully believing every recommendation is especially important when you’re on the Internet. And the Internet is your next go-to place when you’re searching for a storage unit in Orlando that is proper. Nowadays, the Internet is an endless resource for just about anything. So if you would just type “a proper long-term storage unit in Orlando” in Google I’m sure that you’d get countless suggestions. However, you can also use some, so to say, more professional websites like the Better Business Bureau that are also more reliable.

Features of a proper long-term storage unit in Orlando

Some materials, like glass, wood and metal, need special conditions. They can’t be stored anywhere. I mean they can, but then they’ll deteriorate and you don’t want that. So your storage Orlando must have some features. But then, there are some features that are important no matter what you plan on storing. So here’s a list of all the feature you should look for in a proper long-term storage unit in Orlando:

  • Maintenance. It’s very important that your storage unit is always clean and well-maintained. If your storage unit is not in such a condition it will make a perfect home for rats and insects. And I don’t have to tell you that they can easily damage your belongings. Now, if you can’t make a commitment to come often to keep it clean that’s okay. Because some storage facilities offer maintenance as an extra service. Furthermore, even if you don’t opt for that extra service, that storage facility should be higher on your list for that means that they keep the facility clean.
  • Security features. This is one of those features that your storage must have no matter what you plan on keeping there. And it’s important not only that your storage unit is well-secured, but the whole storage facility must have high-quality security systems. Those security systems have features like access code for entry and door alarms for each door, security guards, well-lit indoor and outdoor areas, video surveillance that covers the whole are and so on.
Security cameras - Tips for finding a proper long-term storage unit in Orlando
The more security features your storage has, the more protected your valuables will be.


  • Climate-controlled units. Now comes probably the most significant feature a proper long-term storage unit in Orlando could have – climate control. This is even more important considering that you need long-term storage. Materials like wood, glass, paper, and metal can get damaged if exposed to the unstable climate, moisture and a strong light source. So your belongings like an art collection, musical instruments, photographs, books, furniture and so on won’t be safely stored unless they are in a climate-controlled storage unit. You’ll most likely have to pay more for it, but trust me, it’ll be worth every penny.
  •  24-hour access. If you’re going to keep in your storage unit something that you need quite regularly then you have to take into account the access to the storage. Because although every storage facility has at least one security guard on the premises 24/7, that doesn’t mean that you can come any time you want to. If you want 24-hour access you will have to pay more.

Testing if the long-term storage unit in Orlando is really proper

Once you have gone through all the recommendations it’s time you made your top 5 list of proper long-term storage units in Orlando. Think about what features you want your storage unit to have and carefully read reviews. And once you have your top 5 storage facilities it’s time to give them a call. Ask them when you can come. Or even better, see when they are working and just go there. The reason behind this is that it is the best way to make sure that your potential storage has all of the features.

Once you are there, ask them to show you around and take you to the storage unit that would be yours should you rent it. While you’re on the tour pay attention to cleanliness, security features and the way workers treat you. If everything goes well then congratulations, you’ve got yourself a proper long-term storage unit in Orlando!


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