Tips for packing fragile and valuable items

So you are about to move, you have taken care of everything and now you are trying to figure out how packing fragile and valuable items works? Well, the good news is that you are in the right place. The bad news is that this is something that may seem less complicated than it really is. In today’s world, people started being able to do everything on their own. All they need is a YouTube tutorial and voila – you are now a helicopter pilot.

Sadly, the reality is that you can get a very good idea about how you can do something. But becoming an expert is something different entirely. This is why you need to be very reserved and use everything you learn online with a pinch of salt. Not everything is as easy as it actually seems. Especially if we take into consideration the risk factor. When something is very valuable and fragile, any damage to it could be a risk that was not worth taking. This is why we would love for you to take our advice on how to do it but still use your own head and be very careful when approaching this. If you are leaving this process to the moving company, there are some things you should do before they arrive.

Moving companies will gladly help you in packing of your valuable items
Having a moving company handle all your fragile and expensive items might be a good idea!

Packing fragile and valuable items – what to know

When packing fragile and valuable items you need to be able to plan ahead of time. This means that you cannot rush this and think you can finish it in five minutes. Technically, you can but the risk is simply not worth it. This is why packing such belongings should be something carefully planned and very well executed. This way you will have your peace of mind during the move and finally get reunited with that very important piece of, for instance, jewelry or old china sets. In case of valuable heavy furniture, you might want to consider to have professionals move it.

Once you are able to plan you are also able to prepare yourself with adequate supplies. You can’t simply use any ordinary boxes or packing paper. It needs to be carefully chosen in order to ensure the safety of all your fragile and valuable items.

Valuable and fragile will not necessarily always come together. Some things may be extremely valuable but also very durable. So do not think that one is exclusive with the other. However, in this article, we will focus on both, together and individually.

If you are packing fragile and valuable items, you need to take extra care!
You want to take special precautions when packing valuable items!

Packing fragile items

When it comes to packing fragile items your absolute best friend is bubble wrap. This clicky wrap is able to fully surround your fragile items making sure isolation as well as protection from external factors is fully in place.

This way, if it turns over and falls or something falls on it, there is a very strong possibility that no harm will come to your belongings. Still, you need to be really careful. An alternative for bubble wrap is packing paper that is also very good. Not as good as the good old bubbles, but still good enough. And depending on how tight your budget is you could basically use grass. Lots of it too.

The main point is to fully fixate the item being moved so that it has little to no movement within the box. The more you are able to stabilize the item within the box the safer it will be. And such safety is your highest priority. So, basically, when it comes to fragile items they should all have separate boxes. Regardless of the size of the items, it should always be one item per box. And the rest of the box should be filled with either bubble wrap or wrapping paper. Or both. The more the merrier, simply fixate the item so that it has no room to move within the box. This way you will ensure the safety of your items and make them almost damage proof.

Fragile items need extra care and protection
You need to handle fragile items with utmost care!

Packing valuable items

When packing fragile and valuable items there are two things to consider. The first is safety against something or someone breaking your belongings. The second safety is in regards to anti-theft. Theft is a known problem and there is always a risk of someone snatching your beloved items when nobody else is watching. This is why the safest thing you can possibly imagine is to bring everything of value with yourself. This, of course, goes only for items that are small enough to travel with you. In other cases, there may be items that are simply too big for you to carry them around. Take for example large paintings. There is absolutely no way for you to carry it with you at all times. You also may want to place them in a mobile storage unit, for safety.

Good news is that there are several things you can do. For such valuable items make sure to hire a separate vehicle that will transport just that. This way you are able to be in that vehicle and basically track the shipment live. The second best thing you can imagine doing is purchasing good insurance. This way even something does go south you are able to refund the full value of the picture (or maybe even more). And there you go, you should now know more about packing fragile and valuable items!


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