Top 10 cities to move to in the U.S.


At AAA Insta-Move, we offer long-distance moving services that make it easy to move anywhere in the United States! There is nothing more exciting than starting over in a new city. Many people would love to move somewhere new, but they just aren’t sure where they should move to! That is why we have come up with the following list of the top 10 cities to move to in the U.S.:

#1. Austin, Texas

If you are a music lover, Austin is the city for you. Austin is the live music capital of the world! At just 6.3%, its unemployment rate is lower than the national average, you won’t have to worry about paying any state income tax, it has clean water and you will be able to play and explore in the vast open space around the metro area of the city, visit

#2. Boulder, Colorado

If you love craft beer and the great outdoors, look no further than Boulder. With 60 urban parks and 70 square miles of open space, Boulder is a great place for people who love to play outside. Boulder also boasts some of the best farmer’s markets, and it is considered to be one of the most pet-friendly cities around.

#3. Orlando, Florida

Do you love sunshine, warm weather and Mickey Mouse? Orlando just may be the perfect city for you. Orlando is probably best known for Disney World, but Mickey Mouse isn’t the only one who loves to call Orlando home! Although tourism is king in Orlando, it also attracts many high-tech companies from all over the world, which has helped it to enjoy strong economic growth year after year.

Learn about more of the top cities to move to in the U.S. when you stay tuned for our next blog.


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