Top 5 gift ideas for first-time homeowners

Gift ideas for first-time homeowners

A new home is a great reason to celebrate. And what better way to do this than with a thoughtful housewarming gift? Whether your friend has just moved to his new apartment with affordable movers Orlando or your cousin recently turned the key in his first house, everyone appreciates a small feeling that shows that you thought about them at such an important time. We give you some of the best gift ideas for first-time homeowners.

When it comes to perfect housewarming gifts, it really is a thought that matters. You do not need to spend big money. Just focus on items that will help to greet your friend or loved one in their new life there. If you need help brainstorming, here are a few gift ideas for new homeowners that are perfect for almost everyone.

1. Toolbox

First-time homeowners will certainly appreciate the toolkit. It does not have to be expensive or contain first-class tools. Although quality tools can work for several generations. The basic set of home repair tools contains basic items such as a hammer, a hacksaw, pliers, various screwdrivers, a wrench, a drill, and a tape measure.

Box with tools
They are surely going to need it at some point

2. New keys

Why not hire a locksmith to make new keys for all the doors? This is not only a thoughtful gift, but it also contributes to security. Homeowners, of course, get a set of house keys at the close. But who knows how many duplicates are in the hands of contractors, neighbors, or even a child who found a set on the street?

You would simply pay for a locksmith service, letting novice home buyers specify what they want to do. They may prefer new handles and lock sets, especially if existing equipment is outdated or worn. They may like all the doors, including the garage, to be adapted to use the same key.

3. Indoor plants

Plants adorn every space. Your friend might have already had plants, but they couldn’t transport them with furniture movers Orlando FL. Even if your friend was not born with a green thumb, anyone can grow indoor plants if he chooses the right ones. Popular plant types that are difficult to kill include a spider plant, a peace lily, a snake plant, a philodendron, or a rubber tree. These types of plants are inexpensive. So you can also buy a decorative plant stand and tie a bright ribbon around the base.

 Top 5 gift ideas for first-time homeowners - indoor plant
An indoor plant is a great gift!

4. Gardening tools

Most likely, someone who is the first homeowner is also the new owner of the yard. Hoes, rakes, hoses, and shovels are always good gift ideas for first-time homeowners. And speaking of gardens, you can expand the list of tools to include spades, pruners, and potting benches. Another possibility is the decoration, for example, a gazing ball or decorative figures. Even people who chose apartments over houses on the second floor use small spaces, such as balconies or tiny courtyards for gardening containers. They could use a set of small garden tools, such as a trowel, a rake, and a watering can.

5. Home repair books

Staying on top of home maintenance supports a smooth ride at home. But many new homeowners have never replaced the furnace filter. And much less of them know how often the filter should be replaced. A good book on the maintenance and repair of the house, preferably with a rich illustration, will help solve these problems. It should explain step by step how to perform simple repairs such as turning off littered debris, replacing fluorescent lamps, or cleaning the vent. The book should also address routine, seasonal maintenance issues, such as preparing the house for winter or how often to clean the gutters.

What are other good gift ideas for first-time homeowners?

Subscriptions to an architectural magazine

Your new homeowners may enjoy in subscriptions to periodicals that can help them decorate their new home. You can find magazines that specialize not only in historic homes in general but also in any style or period that you can think of. Modernists may like the avant-garde Dwell or Wallpaper, and, of course, Architectural Digest caters to all the house types. Lifestyle magazines offering pragmatic interior design tips are another option: think about Better Homes and Gardens, House Beautiful or Martha Stewart Living.

Jars of spices

It is likely that your first-time homeowner does not have a spice rack or high-quality spices. Because who could seriously cook in that tiny apartment kitchen? Now, however, these people can become serious, and the collection of spices can start culinary projects. These kinds of spices may cost a little more, but the difference in taste and smell is dramatic.

Spice jars
There are some gift ideas for first-time homeowners that depend on your friend’s preferences

You do not need to fly to Granada to find fresh, high-quality herbs and spices. But they are rarely found in a supermarket. Along with local gourmet shops, there may be shops or professionals, or you may need to shop online. And yes, the shelving is a good idea. Because – contrary to popular belief – the spices should never be stored above the stove.

Grill or barbecue tools

Many novice home buyers are looking forward to the opportunity to have a barbecue outdoors. Therefore, new shiny barbecue or grill kits are great gift ideas for first-time homeowners. Complete with tongs, forks, spatulas and oven mitts. If you want to spend some serious money, think about a stand-alone coal grill. Tie a bow on top and do not forget to include a bag of charcoal.

Cookbooks and cooking apps

Becoming a homeowner often unleashes an inner domestic animal. So what could be better to feed the beast than a cookbook – or two, or three? For those who study the basics, consider such time-tested books for beginners. For more advanced or creative chefs, you can offer books that specialize in their favorite cuisine, their favorite chef, or of historical interest.

Recipe in a cookbook
Maybe you can find some interesting meals they haven’t heard of

Find a perfect present is not an easy task. And there is no universal thing that everybody will like. So, pay attention to what your friends or loved ones need. And with our gift ideas for first-time homeowners, you will not make a mistake.


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