Top neighborhoods for families in Orange City

A row of houses.

In general, Florida is an amazing state where you can feel relaxed raising your family. Sure, your first choice, if family life is what you are interested in, may not be Miami, but there is far more to the Sunshine State than its biggest, most famous city. There is not a shortage of the best places to raise a family in Florida, and Orange City is certainly at the top of that list. This small community has plenty to offer. Without much further ado, let’s take a look into the top neighborhoods for families in Orange City. We can assure you that at least one of them will be the right fit for you, although they are all an equally good option for your upcoming move.

First things first – what is universal for all the top neighborhoods for families in Orange City?

The thing that is so amazing about this life is that we all have plenty of choices. And all of those choices are different. But, if you are considering moving to the best neighborhoods for family life, there are some things that are a must. Following things are something you should always search for in your perfect, family-friendly neighborhood.

  • All the top neighborhoods for families in Orange City have to be safe. Crime rates must be low, not to say non-existent. 
  • Whether you were already blessed with a child or still waiting for that to happen, you should look for a good school district. 
  • You should look for others like you, which means that you should live in a neighborhood where the majority of the families have at least one child.
A close of a child coloring with crayons.
As a parent, it’s up to you to ensure that your child gets the best possible education.

We did the research for you and chose a few neighborhoods that meet all of the criteria. The only thing that is up to you is to call Orange City movers of your choice and start your new life.

West Highlands, Orange City

  • Has a population of 3542 residents
  • The average age of its residents is 47
  • 66% of residents are homeowners

The stats are there. Now, let’s elaborate on what makes West Highlands one of the top neighborhoods for families in Orange City. The first thing that comes to mind when you think about West Highlands is nature. The neighborhood has been blessed with lots of trees and parks, where you can get away from daily life and simply enjoy. What West Highlands’ residents love most about this neighborhood is how quiet and peaceful it is. It’s a place where neighbors really are courteous and friendly towards one other. You can rest assured that living in such an environment will be highly beneficial for your lovely family. And since most of the residents are homeowners as opposed to renters, you can also be sure of the fact that you won’t have to rehire an Orlando moving and storage company a few years down the line. Rare are those who regret moving to this place, which is where the high percentage of homeowners comes from.

An aerial view on one of the top neighborhoods for families in Orange City.
West Highlands will exceed all of your expectations.

Pine Forrest, Orange City

  • Has a population of 1884 residents.
  • The average age of its residents is 59.
  • 67% of residents are homeowners.

It’s true that Pine Forrest’s residents may be a bit on the older side. Pine Forrest is one of the best places in Florida to retire, but it’s also one of the best places for families. This quaint little neighborhood will charm you with all of its assets, which include beautiful scenery, pleasant neighbors, and versatile social events. If you are looking for the best place where you can throw a BBQ, invite all of your friends and enjoy the Florida sunshine, then Pine Forrest is the right place for you. You don’t have to compromise for anything – in Pine Forrest, you can have it all! Although, if you are looking for a wild nightlife (which we are assuming you are not) then you should look a bit further.

Spring Hollow, Orange City

  • Has a population of 2509 residents.
  • The average age of its residents is 46.
  • 73% of residents are homeowners. 

Tell us, are you in love with the whole concept of suburban life? Would you instantly call Orlando residential movers without a doubt if you were presented with the place of your dreams? Say no more! We have the perfect place for you and it goes by the name of Spring Hollow. It’s righteously one of the top neighborhoods for families in Orange City, and the reasons behind this are numerous. Not only is the neighborhood safe and family-friendly, but it also has a pleasant atmosphere and is in love with animals. The families here are no strangers to animal adoption, which is an applaudable thing, don’t you think? If you want a place where you can have the typical white picket fence life with one dog and two kids, then Spring Hollow is the right neighborhood for you.

A person holding a small puppy.
A dog can only enrich your life with cuteness and loyalty.

Miniki Hights, Orange City

  • Has a population of 3060 residents.
  • The average age of its residents is 52.
  • 78% of the residents are homeowners.

The last but not least on our list of the top neighborhoods for families in Orange City is Miniki Hights. Just looking at the staggering number of the people who are homeowners makes you realize just how good this neighborhood is. What its residents love about it is how clean and well-maintained it is. You will love taking a family walk at sunset, enjoying the beautiful landscape and the peaceful neighborhood. All the while, you will have the security of knowing you are safe and surrounded by friends. Is there really anything else to think about? Whether you need to contact local or long distance movers, get a relocation pro on your side and move to one of these neighborhoods. It is a life change you won’t regret, and that’s something we can promise. AAA Insta-Move Orlando wishes you a safe relocation and a happy new life.


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