Top Orlando neighborhoods for millennials

A view of downtown Orlando, representing the top Orlando neighborhoods for millennials.

Are you thinking about doing a relocation? If you’re moving somewhere, you definitely want to pick out your location carefully. Remember – not everyone wants the same things in life; and depending on your age group, a good neighborhood can mean vastly different things. So, if you’re relocating to Orlando; while that might be a great idea; you definitely want to take care while picking the neighborhood that suits you the best. Especially if you’re a millennial; your criteria may be quite specific. Don’t worry, though – we’ve got some tips from the pros on top Orlando neighborhoods for millennials right here!

How to pick the best area?

Before we talk about our specific picks among the top Orlando neighborhoods for millennials; let’s talk about how we actually made these choices. That way, you’ll know what set of factors to apply here in general. So, if you’re a millennial looking for a new home, you have to think about:

  • The expenses – After all, when you’re a young professional at the start of your career – you’re probably not making that much money. Which means that you definitely want to take affordability into account, once you start picking an area. And it’s not all about finding affordable movers in Orlando; you have to think long-term, about your living expenses.
  • Your workplace – Also, it’s important to find a neighborhood that’s well-connected to your workplace. Bear in mind – this doesn’t have to be exactly close to your company, but it should at least be an effortless commute. After all, this is something you’ll be doing every morning.
  • Your lifestyle – As you’ll see; depending on your way of life, you may be looking at vastly different needs than other people. Which is why it’s important to evaluate what amenities you truly can’t live without; and focus on them while choosing your new neighborhood.
A person working on a laptop, with his phone and a coffee next to it.
As a young professional – think about your commute when choosing a place to live!

Maitland is one of the top Orlando neighborhoods for millennials

As we’ve mentioned; as a millennial, you may have some points of view and needs that differ from other age groups. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find top Orlando neighborhoods for millennials – on the contrary! For starters, let’s do something a bit unconventional when it comes to millennials; leave the downtown area for a wonderful suburb called Maitland!

After all, different lifestyles don’t just exist between different age groups; there are many differences between millennials as well. For example, some want to solely focus on their careers; while others are looking for places to raise a family in Florida. And if that’s the case, Maitland is really the perfect place for you! On one hand, it’s not like the downtown area is not available to you; on the contrary! You can easily commute there for work or other interesting activities. And on the other hand, you’ve got a nice, pleasant suburban area, with all the amenities that go with that! There are many parks around if you want to spend some quality time in nature, and breathe some truly fresh air. Lastly, you should bear in mind – this neighborhood is really close to Disney World!

A view of the Disney castle in Disney World, near Orlando, Florida.
If you’re up for a bit of family fun – Disney World is practically around the corner!

Altamonte Springs

While we’re taking a look at suburban neighborhoods; let’s view another one that’s a bit farther away from the urban bustle of Orlando. If you’re willing to make a little drive; Altamonte Springs is around a half an hour away from the downtown area of Orlando – and it has its own unique suburban vibe. And before you go on about how a suburb is hardly one of the top Orlando neighborhoods for millennials; take a look at the local population!

In fact – around a third of the local residents are millennials; which obviously means it suits millennials quite well. But how so? Well, for one – you’ve got all of the boons any good suburb gives you; like general safety, and fairly low crime rates. But in this place, you don’t have to live a boring, secluded life at all! Around here, there are plenty of coffee shops, and interesting restaurants to visit. And if an active nightlife is more your speed; you’ll also find many cool bars in the area. Also, if you’re a young professional who might want to work on starting a family in the near future; the real estate here isn’t too pricey, and the public schools are excellent!

A drink being poured into a glass, with ice cubes nearby.
You’ll find plenty of cool bars and clubs in this area; so don’t fear boredom around here!

The Business District is a good idea for young professionals

Sure, we’ve checked out your best suburban options among the top Orlando neighborhoods for millennials; but if you’re a young millennial about to hire residential movers – this may not be what you’re looking for. In fact, in most cases – millennials aren’t looking for a suburban paradise. They’re more interested in living in a place close to their work, so they can fully focus on their careers.

And in that case – you might want to think about moving to the Business District. If you’re about to enter the world of professionalism, living so close to where the action is might be a great idea. After all, let’s be realistic – if you’ve made the decision to advance your career, long hours in the office and working overtime are practically a must. And all of that is much, much easier when you’ve got home close to your workplace. Also, we know what you’re thinking – this kind of area is bound to mean much bigger living expenses. But in reality, you’d be surprised; these expenses actually aren’t that different from the average Orlando costs! So, if you’re worried about whether you can afford this area; once you’ve got a proper job, a relocation here doesn’t have to be costly at all!


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