Top ten places to retire part 2


Make the most out of your retirement by retiring somewhere great!

Before you book your moving services in Leesburg and start packing your bags, you need to pick the perfect city for your retirement! Learn about a few of the top ten cities for retirement in the United States when you check out our latest blog. The following is a list of a few more cities that are perfect for retirement:

#4. Palm Springs, California

Palm Springs is located in the breathtaking Coachella Valley, and its rich culture and beautiful landscapes have made it a draw for retirees for many years. With Joshua Tree Park and 350 days of sunshine per year, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors in Palm Springs. Keep in mind that the summers in Palm Springs can get pretty hot, so if you hate the heat, this may not be the destination for you.

#5. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

With its sandy beaches, low cost of living, highly rated medical care and a variety of golf courses for you to choose from, Myrtle Beach is a truly a great place to retire. Myrtle Beach is also home to a wonderful theater and plenty of trendy shops and restaurants to keep you busy.

#6. Abilene, Texas

The cost of living in Abilene is a full ten percent below the national average, which makes it a wonderful option if you are looking for an affordable place to retire. Abilene also features warm weather and a plethora of social and recreational activities to keep you busy.

We’ve gone over several incredible places to retire, but we’ve got just a few more for your! Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more!


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