Top ten places to retire part 3


There are so many great places for retirement in the United States!

Whether you love the outdoors or you have a passion for theater, there are plenty of great places for retirement in the United States. At AAA Insta-Move, we are proud to say that our movers in Orlando can get help you get to anywhere you want to be, but first, you have to find the perfect city to retire in. Check out our latest blog to learn about the top ten cities that we’ve already gone over. Keep reading to learn about more of the top retirement cities:

#7. St. Augustine, Florida

If you have a passion for history, St. Augustine is a great retirement city for you. Because this city is located on Florida’s northeast coast, it stays a bit cooler than the other parts of the state. Additionally, St. Augustine has an economy that relies heavily on tourism, which means that there are plenty of volunteer opportunities to keep you busy.

#8. Beaufort, South Carolina

Beaufort is a quaint community that embodies all of the charm of the South. It is an old river town that is perfect for fishing and golfing, and since winters are mild, it is a great spot for people who love seasons but hate the cold. There are lots of families in Beaufort, but its military installations help to diversify the population and the economy.

There are so many different places to help you make the most out of your retirement, and you can learn about the last two top retirement cities in the United States when you stay tuned for our next blog.


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