Top ten places to retire part 4


Maximize your retirement by moving to one of the top ten places to retire in the United States!

You’ve worked hard for years, and now that you are ready to retire, you need to do so in a city that can help you maximize your time! There are so many wonderful cities for retirement in the United States, and you can read about the cities our moving company in Sanford has already gone over by reading our latest blog. In this blog, we’ll be finishing up our series with the last two best places to retire in:

#9. Prescott, Arizona

Whether you love the outdoors or cultural entertainment, Prescott is the perfect place for you to retire, because it has plenty of both. Because this mining town is located in northern Arizona, summers are much cooler there than in most places in Arizona. With a rich history, a booming economy and low housing costs, Prescott is perfect for those looking for an affordable place to retire.

#10. Venice, Florida

Venice, Florida was named for the Italian city because of its many rivers and canals, and much of the city’s architectural design was inspired by the Italian renaissance. Not only is this city a perfect place to find parks, golf, beaches and tennis, it also features low prices and calm traffic, which makes it a great option if you are looking for a peaceful place to retire.

The first step to enjoying your retirement is finding the perfect place to retire! Once you do, contact us at AAA Insta-Move. Let our movers do the hard work for you so that you can settle in and start enjoying your new life!


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