Top trends for new homes


As our demands change, so do our homes!

The homes of today don’t often look a whole lot like the homes of yesteryear. Older homes used to have lots of space and big yards, but today, homes are getting smaller and more efficient. As our society changes and evolves, our homes have to change and evolve in order to keep up, and there are many exciting trends for new homes in 2016! The following is a list from our moving company in Sanford of some of the hottest trends in new homes:

#1. Efficient Homes

Green is the name of the game in every industry, and the home building industry is no exception. Many contractors are now building new homes with efficiency in mind. Not only does this help the environment, but it also saves homeowners money every month on their utility bills, which is something that most people are excited to get behind.

#2. Smart Homes

Everything from thermostats to lighting can now be automated in your home. While a lot of people are weary of having too much automation in their homes, there’s no denying the benefits of being able to turn off lights and set your burglar alarm while you are away.

#3. Small/Tiny Homes

These days, you can’t look at Pinterest or turn on HGTV without seeing a small house or two. The small house movement is so popular because many people are interested in living simpler, minimalist lives. Also, tiny homes come with less space to clean, less space to heat and cool and a smaller mortgage.


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