What You Should Do Before The Movers Arrive

movers arrive

While the prospect of moving into a new house is fun and exciting, the moving process is not. One of the things you need to do is to ensure everything is ready before the moving company arrives to your Orlando Home. That way, you will get enough time to ensure no essential items remain behind. The following are some of the steps you can take in readiness for the moving company.

Brief your family

Moving to a new property can affect your family members in different ways. For instance, some might be excited to relocate, while others might get emotional when the reality of leaving what they once called home eventually hits them when they see you packing. Nonetheless, irrespective of how they might feel, you still must get them all involved in the shifting process.

Take the time to explain to them what and how they should go about packing their stuff. Make it clear to them that they should expect strangers from the shipping company to come over to assist. If possible get your family members to assume different roles so as to make the process easier.

Set up a no-pack zone

When moving out of the premises, naturally you will not carry everything from your current house. Set aside a room where you can stash all the stuff you need to take with you. It will make it less confusing for you and the movers since you will know where to put what.

Those helping you will not have to keep asking you whether they should pack a particular item or not. Plan ahead and save time. This will be beneficial to you especially if the movers offered you an hourly-based shipping quote.

Get rid of unwanted items

As mentioned above, there are some things you might want to leave behind. It could be because you want to control the shipping costs by reducing the size and weight of your belongings, or simply because you want to complement the theme of starting over.

Put aside enough time for you and the members of your household to sift through your belongings and identify what items to discard. Since no one loves leaving their possessions behind, it is understandable if you feel some sentimental attachment to them.

Eliminate what the company doesn’t carry

The law prohibits moving companies from transporting certain items that can expose other road users to imminent danger. As a result, most moving companies have a strict policy against the carrying of hazardous materials that are explosive, flammable or corrosive.

In fact not only do these companies refuse to carry such items, but some might even turn away a client who insists on bringing those things. Instead of wasting precious time, just discard them.

List your belongings

Most first-time movers mistakenly think that nothing can happen to their possession during the shipping. Subsequently, they naively hand over all their stuff to the movers without documenting what is on the truck and what remained behind. Only to reach to their coveted destination, and realize that some items are either damaged or missing. Save yourself the agony by taking the time to itemize all your stuff as well as their physical state.

Editor’s Note: The following article is a guest post by State Property Management in Orlando.


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