What’s a binding estimate?

There are certain things one can do in order to make collaboration with moving professionals easier. The list of things is quite lengthy, hence we will not be able to cover everything. However, there are some very important things that we will cover in order to make your life easier. One such thing is explaining what a binding estimate is.

Before we get into the binding estimate business, we need to understand what an estimate is overall. When we understand this, everything else will make far more sense. Then, when you are done reading this article call AAA-Insta Move Orlando and try out your new found knowledge on getting the best estimate.

Still, this is very comprehensive and furthermore, a very useful tool for you. You have to understand that moving is difficult as it is. Anything you can do to make it somewhat easier on yourself – the better. So, stay tuned!

What is a binding estimate?

First and foremost, you have to understand that each move could be different when compared to yours. This means that it is difficult to estimate the price of a move based on the price someone else paid. If you attempt to compare your move to someone else’s you might get the wrong idea about the cost. There are certain criteria that moving companies use when making a binding estimate that you are potentially not aware of.

The value of binding estimate will depend on the criteria that the company values the most.
Criteria that the estimates are based on can vary from company to company.

Still, the moving estimate is of vital importance. Each move has a substantial number of elements that need to be taken into account. In order to successfully tackle all of these elements, you need to have an estimate of the moving costs. If this estimate could be a binding one it could be of much more help. So, this is something that should be your primary objective from the first moment you start hunting down a moving company. This is important for several reasons we are going to cover.

Binding estimate explained

Any type of estimate can be easily described as a good guess about the price and duration of the move. There is however a difference between two types of estimates. One is the moving estimate that is not binding in any way. This means that it is a rough estimation given to the client as a sort of guidance, without any actual legal and firm stand.

The other is the one we refer to as a binding estimate. This estimate is much more beneficial to the clients and far more dangerous for the moving company. However, the moving companies that offer such an estimate are always going to be a far more valid choice for the customers.

Once you agree on the binding estimate, there are no changes possible to the deal.
A binding estimate is a what you see is what you get a type of deal, where once it’s settled it’s done.

The binding estimate is an estimate that cannot have significant changes once made. This means that this estimate should not change almost at all. So, once you are given a binding estimate, you were basically given the price of the move that will not be changing much. This means you can hold on to it and plan your budget based on it. This estimate will be legally binding disallowing any changes made by the moving company.

Benefits of having a binding estimate

The benefits of having a binding estimate are substantial. One of the biggest challenges when moving is dedicating a budget. Furthermore, you might have to plan certain things to do on your own whilst you will have to purchase some other services. It is good to know in advance what you can afford and what you will have to outsource to a moving company.

So, the first and the most important benefit of getting a binding estimate is being able to plan your moving budget. This way you will know exactly what awaits and how you should proceed with the move. The more in advance you can plan, the better it will be. Better for you that is. Planning a budget is no joke, and you should proceed with this with caution. The biggest issue here is that you are calculating and working with partially known numbers. This means that you have to leave room for error, and some items should be calculated as bigger than they actually are, just to be on the safe side. Better to end up with extra money laying around than to end up with lacking money.

The second big and very important aspect of having a binding estimate is the fact that you are, most likely going to be able to get more than a few. This will allow you the possibility to compare these with other competitive companies. At the end of the day, companies will fight to get your attention and to hopefully earn you as a client. It is because of this that they will offer competitive binding estimates in order to beat a very heavy competition.

What you should be looking for?

You will be looking for a moving estimate made by an agent on site. It is hard to take in a binding estimate based on a phone call. This is why you should always insist that someone from the moving company comes to the moving site in order to perform an estimate. In this case, this is an estimate you can trust and that you can rely on. You can expect to get the best Orlando moving quotes calling the professionals.

Be vary of any estimate given to you, that was made without a field agent doing his appraisal first.
Appraisal agent needs to come and do his work before you get a binding estimate

On another note, no binding estimate will force you to give any type of an advance. This is something you should be very careful with because moving estimates can end up being a fraud that could cost more than you can imagine. This is why take this one tip – never give any money in advance. At least not without any strong legal contract given in return.

Best of luck to you!


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