Which items are the most expensive to relocate

Find out which items are the most expensive to move

Moving to a new home is such a great adventure, for sure. Some part of the way, you are going to enjoy it. Especially if you hire the best movers Winter Springs FL. This whole relocation experience will be as pleasant as possible. However, packing and moving your belongings is a hard job. Not to mention that the whole adventure costs quite a lot of money. Also, you have to count on spending some extra money. Nevertheless, you have to prepare for this endeavor accordingly. That’s the only way to try to save some money. One of the parts of relocation is planning your expenses. That’s the part where we jump in. We’ve gathered a great and useful guide on which items are the most expensive to relocate. By knowing them on time, you’ll be able to plan your relocation budget properly.

Items that are the most expensive to relocate

First, we would like to point out again that you can expect a successful and smooth relocation if you pick the best moving company. Logically, with professional help, everything will be just fine. However, if you haven’t had the time to book the movers in advance, we are here to help you. That’s why we will start with the items which are the most expensive to relocate. By setting aside these items and processing them first, you’ll be relaxed later on. So, let’s begin.

Furniture is one of the items that is the most costly to move

Logically, at the top of our list is furniture. Let’s just say that our advice is the same on this matter as the previous one. If you can, book the most affordable furniture movers Orlando FL. Don’t try to save some money on this one, as you will end up paying even more. So, due to the expensiveness of your pieces of furniture, it is often quite expensive to move them. Also, many pieces of furniture are heavy, bulky, and often oddly shaped. The movers will have to use all their knowledge, capacity, and strength to deal with them.

Furniture is one of the most expensive items to relocate
There is no doubt that sofas and bigger pieces of furniture are among the most expensive items to move.


Another item that is quite expensive to move is a mattress. These items are very complicated to handle due to their size and shape. Also, some types of mattresses require a special bag or a plastic cover to keep them clean and safe. While they are necessary, they can often raise the price of relocation. On the other hand, as memory foam mattresses are easier to maneuver, the prices for moving them can be lower. Simply, memory foam mattresses can be compressed, therefore the movers will have an easier job.

More items that are among the most expensive to relocate


Before moving rugs, make sure to have them professionally cleaned. This can also add some cost to your overall moving expenses, so count them in on time. Furthermore, you can help the movers before they come by rolling them up and securing them with a rope. Finally, try to find bags that are large enough to place your rugs. All of these simple steps will shorten the time the movers will need to move them, eventually saving you money. As you see, moving a rug doesn’t have to be expensive, right?

Valuable paintings and mirrors

Valuable paintings and mirrors will need extra attention while packing, as well as while moving them. This kind of items can turn out to be the most expensive to relocate due to their value. That’s why you have to properly pack them and avoid any potential moving damages.

  • First, use padding, mat board, or foam to protect paintings and mirrors.
  • Then, put them in an appropriately sized moving box. You should try to find the best moving boxes, so they don’t get opened or damaged during the relocation.
  • Finally, to avoid sliding and moving inside the boxes, stuff it with the newspapers.
Moving expensive paintings and mirrors can be quite costly
It is never easy and chip to relocate valuable artwork and mirrors.

Pianos are some of the most expensive household items to relocate

There’s no need to tell you that pianos should be handled by professionals. Because it is not easy to move a piano by yourself. Professional piano movers will provide you with proper wrapping and padding. That will also add up to your final relocation cost. Yet, the most important is to get your piano safely to your new home. Also, to save time and effort of the movers, plan where your piano should be placed in your new place. Moreover, it would be great to have a floor plan visible. All of these simple steps will enable you to avoid paying more.

Flat-screen TV

Due to its delicateness, flat-screen TV is one of the items that is the most expensive to relocate. That’s why proper packing is the key to avoid damages and paying more to relocate it. So, you should pack a TV and transport it in its original box and packaging. Therefore, when the movers come, they will instantly know that one of the most expensive items is in the box. Also, use soft materials to protect it during the move. However, note that even the slightest scratch to the screen can damage it permanently.


Another item that is expensive to relocate is an aquarium. It is just like moving mirrors and paintings but oddly shaped on top of everything. That’s why an aquarium needs a huge amount of attention while moving it. And that’s the reason why it is so expensive to move it to another home. Especially if you’re moving long-distance.

It is not easy to move an aquarium
Turns out aquariums can be one of the most expensive items to relocate.

The summary

After getting to know all of the items that are the most expensive to relocate, you can plan accordingly. We wish you a successful and as cheap as possible relocation. Good luck!


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