Which type of storage unit should you choose?

which type of storage unit is best for you - find out

The time has come for your relocation. There are so many moving elements that you don’t even know where to look first. Fortunately, movers Sanford FL are here to help! These moving professionals are here to help you not overlook things, as well as to do all the heavy lifting for you. They are also there to advise on things you have little to experience with. One such topic is the selection of a type of storage unit that you need. The trick with this is that the type of storage unit you need depends on the items you mean to store. Also, another variable that influences this is whether you will store it short-term or long-term. This will influence your choices greatly.

If you are having professional movers protect your back, you will have no issue making the right decision. If you are lost or confused, they will be there to guide you throughout the process. However, if you are on your own – this article will be for you. We will analyze your potential needs and the way to address them with proper storage unit selection. Depending on what it is that you have to store – there will be a storage unit type best suited for your needs! No matter what you need, storage Sanford FL will be ready to take you on!

ruined warehouse
You would not entrust your belongings to storage like this one, right?

How to choose the right type of storage unit – criteria

The basic way to choose a proper storage unit is to fully understand what it is that you need to store. If you are certain as to which items will need a temporary home, choosing the right unit will be a breeze. Having professional moving assistance with you makes this process even easier. But again, just in case you don’t miss something, we will talk about some potential scenarios that you will be facing. Or rather, potential scenarios that all of us face at some point in time.

There are several relevant categories you can sort your belongings into. The first one is fragile items, the second is the extremely valuable ones (financially or emotionally), and the last are those that are impacted by external sources of heat, cold or moisture. And if the items do not fit into any of these categories, perhaps you want to create additional storage in your home. There are various storage units that are able to cater to all those needs, in some cases all at the same time. But knowing which type of storage unit you should rent will depend on what you need to store. Furthermore, how long you will need to store it for.

a wine cellar
Depending on what you need to store, your perfect storage space will vary.

Valuable items

When you have very valuable items that need to be stored you will be looking at the highest possible security level. The more valuable the item – the higher the security the storage unit offers. There are various levels of securities within each storage unit. Some units offer the most basic level of security whilst others can be an actual vault. It depends on how valuable the item is, and how much you have to invest in the storage unit. This is perhaps one of the times that you do not wish to label boxes for storage. But, we are going to assume that if you need to store a Picasso painting, you will be willing to go a step further when it comes to security. On the other hand, some less valuable items will require a lesser level of security.

What are these levels? They vary, greatly. It can go from a storage unit with a double lock all the way to a storage unit with live personnel 24/7 patrolling the premise. Furthermore, some levels of security will include cameras, inside and out, allowing you to monitor your prize possession yourself off of your cellphone. You can get a combination of all of these, or bits and pieces of what you actually need. There are appropriate levels of security for each of your needs, you just need to know what you need and how much you are willing to pay for it.

green pendant necklace
Your valuable items need to be well-protected. Security needs to be your main concern.

Fragile items

There are simple items that are very fragile. One such example is old woodworks that can’t be exposed to any element since this element could render it useless. This is why such items can’t be placed in any ole storage unit. You must use one that offers something similar to a vacuum space, where there will be nothing posing any harm to your belongings. So, if we are talking about fragile woodworks, no moisture can be present within the storage unit since it would absolutely ruin the wood. These storage units are not easy to come by, but they are absolutely worth the price if you wish to preserve its contents. In some cases, you simply don’t have a choice, and there are certain things that you shouldn’t make a compromise on.

The right type of storage unit will have insurance

This is something universal. You want your storage unit to have insurance, regardless of what you are planning to store. This insurance is the detail that allows you to sleep at night without any stress. Whether it is something extremely valuable, or something you care a lot about, insurance will protect in case something unpredictable happens. There are things that you can’t protect yourself from. For instance, if an earthquake happens, God forbid, you will have no storage unit that can withstand the harm. However, if you have insurance, all your losses will be compensated. And, even though no amount of money can cover your loss, it can mitigate it to an extent. It is still better than a total loss.


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