Why you should opt for mobile storage solutions?

opt for mobile storage solutions and choose a color of your container

Are you looking for the best storage solutions? Storage facilities and moving companies such as AAA Insta-Move Orlando offer various storage choices. There are long-term and short-term storage, self-storage, climate-controlled storage, mobile storage, and many more. Since you have so many choices, you should choose only one. Every single solution mentioned has its own advantages and disadvantages. However, depending on your situation, one might be just perfect for you. For this reason, here is why you should opt for mobile storage solutions.

pink storage units
Should you rent a standard storage unit or storage pod?

What is a mobile storage

Mobile storage or as many people call them, pods are quite similar to ordinary storage units. However, you can move them! Most companies offer moving storage in two or three sizes where the biggest one can hold items of one large apartment. In addition to this, pods Orlando are made from a strong material that offers perfect protection from mold and mildew. Your items will be safe and well protected in mobile storage as in one ordinary storage unit. Apart from this, the rental period of mobile storage can be either short or long. This depends on how much you will need to use it. Since it is quite similar to an ordinary storage unit, you might be wondering why then you should opt for mobile storage solutions? Find all the reasons below.

Opt for mobile storage solutions due to delivery to your door

Why waste time driving to your storage unit when you can have one right in your yard? Just think about it. It is difficult to find decent storage units near you. They are usually either too expensive or in horrible conditions. For this reason, you have to rent a storage unit across the town. This means you will lose valuable time driving to the other side of town to pick up or store your items. In addition to this, if you plan to store a large number of items, you will have to rent a truck. The costs just keep piling up. In order to avoid spending your time and money unnecessarily, rent a mobile storage. A storage facility will deliver your pod directly to your address and place it where you want. Therefore, you are saving time and money.

Less work

Apart from saving time and money on delivery, you will have less work to do. For example, if you plan to store your large furniture, first you have to move them to your storage unit. It is great if you can disassemble the furniture before storing it. However, some pieces have to stay in one piece. Then, you have to lift and carry the heavy and large pieces of furniture to the moving truck. Once you reach your storage unit, you have to unload the same pieces and carry them to your unit. If you do not like this scenario, then choose mobile storage solutions. You do not have to worry about loading and unloading as it has ground-level loading. In addition to this, you do not have to worry about rental trucks schedule and late charges as well as fuel costs.

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It is difficult to lift and carry your big bed

Opt for mobile storage to prevent damage

Your items are never completely safe during the transit. For example,

  • Roads are slippery due to snow and ice
  • Unfavorable weather conditions like heavy rain, snow, etc.
  • Roads are not in the best condition
  • Traffic jams

These are some situations where your items can either get damaged or lost. For this reason, get mobile storage. As mentioned, storage pods are made from the best material. They offer good protection for your items. Even when you close your storage pod, there is still airflow. This prevents mold and mildew, as well as damage caused by humidity. In addition to this, the materials used to make storage pods are highly durable. This means your items are safe from harsh winds or heavy rain. If you use quality packing supplies, then you do not have to worry about items.

Easy access

As mentioned before, a storage facility will deliver your storage pod at your address. They will place your pod where it is convenient for you. This means you can access your pod whenever you want. However, there is a small catch. Usually, storage rental time is only one month. To some people, this is plenty of time while to the others this might not be enough. Still, you can use it whenever you want and it is close to you. In addition to this, you will receive a key for your storage pod. This means only you will have access to your items. Therefore, your items will be safe from unwanted guests. If you are not satisfied with a company’s lock, you can always go and buy yours.

blue padlock
All storage pods are protected with a lock

More versatility

Do you want to renovate your home? Then, you have to take out all the items so they will not get damaged. Again, it would not be convenient to rent a storage unit just for two weeks. In addition to this, you can skip the whole process of renting a truck, transporting your heavy items, and similar. When you rent a storage pod, a company will deliver yours at your address while you can just sit and relax. Sometimes, a construction company might need some additional space where they can keep their equipment. Your storage pod is a perfect solution for this situation as well. This was just one example. You can use your pod for any reason and situation. When you compare it with a standard storage unit, you can see it has more versatility.

All the reasons to opt for mobile storage solutions

As you can see, there would be all the reasons why you should opt for mobile storage solutions. If you want to save time and money, this would be your best choice. You can use it whenever you need some additional space. Lastly, mobile storage offers the best protection for your items.


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