Will your movers assemble your furniture?

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Relocation can undeniably stress you out. It might even wear yourself to a frazzle trying to attain all move-related tasks. It’s nerve-racking burning the midnight oil searching reliable moving companies online. Going through a plethora of reviews is exhausting. Yet, you keep feeling you are lying down on the job. It shouldn’t be so hard finding trustworthy moving specialists, right? What is hard, though, is making arrangements with them concerning myriads of details. To begin with, furniture assembling. The thing is not every company will agree to assemble your furniture, especially if they hadn’t disassembled it themselves. Next, they may not be skillful enough to deal with furniture you want them to assemble. That’s one of the reasons why it is difficult to hire a reputable moving company. Here is a list of reasons why you should avoid movers assembling your furniture.

It might be way over budget

Firstly, it requires an extra pair of hands. Consequently, the price is higher given it is labor-dependant. Additionally, it is time-consuming. Bear in mind reliable movers charge by an hour. Correspondingly, the more they spend tackling moving chores, the more you’ll have to pay.

Will your movers assemble your furniture? - man with a drill
Will your movers assemble your furniture? Well, it depends.

Furthermore, this is a non-standard service. It is, hence, pricey due to not being a part of the usual moving package. So, one way or another, it’ll beyond a shadow of a doubt make a huge dip in your pocket. If you want them to put your grandma’s stylish antique furniture together, odds are it will come with an upscale service price tag. Stunning wooden carvings assembling can be a bit of touch-and-go. For this reason, you’d better keep a nest egg.

Will your movers assemble your furniture? Well, it depends on the pieces’ shape and size

Notwithstanding how attached we are to our king-size bed, the movers might not see eye to eye with us. They put its dimensions in the foreground. As a result, they will estimate if it makes sense to disassemble and reassemble the unwieldy object or not. In case it is too heavy or too bulky, they will most probably refuse to do so. It is common knowledge moving companies such as AAA-Insta Move Orlando, for example, wants to avoid skating on thin ice. Loading a bed this size is its equivalent. Employees are their assets. For this reason, they’ll make sure not to put them at risk for future jobs’ sake. From where they stand, it’s just not worth sticking their neck out.  Evidently, they won’t put their head on the block to relocate your bed.

The value of the furniture can be a dealbreaker

If your furniture’s value is incalculable,  moving companies will find a million and one reasons why they can’t make it. Understandably, no one is over the moon playing with fire. Obviously, if they do take a job and damage your pieces during a relocation, there’s a lot at stake for them. Namely,

  • their reputation,
  • loads of money,
  • potential clients.
Will your movers assemble your furniture? They might,, for the right price.
Will your movers assemble your furniture? They might, but it is rather costly.

As a result, they won’t rise to the bait. Despite being extremely lucrative, the other side of the coin is off-putting. They will most certainly have your insurance policy in the back of their head. When it comes to the exuberant-priced furniture, the best bet is to move it single-handedly. As a consequence, you are to blame if weather or traffic turns out to be a kiss of death.

Will your movers assemble your furniture? Yes, provided they disassembled it

Will your movers assemble your furniture? Well, assembling furniture is tricky. Thus no one wants to take responsibility for the work somebody else had done. With this in mind, do your best to have the same company assemble and disassemble it. That’s how you make sure the same people are taking care of your furniture all along. Being familiar with its peculiarities from day one facilitates the rest of the moving process. Thus, if you have to move to let’s say Orlando, you should check affordable movers in Orlando and opt for the one that fits your needs best. That’s far more convenient than choosing a couple of them simultaneously. In a nutshell, there can be a world of difference between two moving companies. The main problem with having various movers involved is their methods differ.

Do not accept an oral agreement

It can happen every now and then you reach an agreement with specialists claiming they will gladly disassemble and reassemble your furniture. However, when the time comes, they fail to keep their promise. How can you force someone to do something they promised? Let’s face it – you can’t do that.  Besides, what’s preventing them from doing so? They haven’t signed anything, nothing is written black in white, and you still have to pay. In order not to find yourself in this situation, insist on a valid legally-binding document. That is a proof admissible on the court in case a company violates the agreement. It won’t solve the problem, but you will be able to hire another cheap company instead.

Will your movers assemble your furniture? They do not have to do unless you've signed a contract.
Will your movers assemble your furniture? Unless there’s a signed agreement, they do not need to do that.

Will your movers assemble your furniture? Not necessarily

As shown above, furniture relocation can easily become wheels within wheels. Even though it does seem fairly simple, there happens to be more to it than meets the eye. At first sight, it looks like furniture relocation can be done at the stroke of a pen. However, this is not the case. In the first place, be wary of its measurements. Secondly, pay close attention to its worth. Thirdly, try not to involve third parties. Finally, establish the boundaries when it comes to the budget. Knowing this will help you organize your move in terms of money, time, a moving company choice and its ins and outs. Therefore, you should be very careful choosing your movers since your items remaining intact depends on them. Truth to be told, you need to be very meticulous regarding fors and againsts of your choice not to have your worst furniture moving fears realized.


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