Winter Springs for millennials

Winter Springs for millennials is a great option

The city of Winter Springs Florida has been ranked as one of the best places to live in Florida. It is located in Seminole County, with a population of 33,973. Winter Springs stretches from Oviedo to Longwood and is located north of Casselberry. It is known as a high-quality place to live for both professionals and millennials, as well. Another important aspect is that it has natural suburban communities, with the city’s focus on keeping the town beautiful. Therefore, if you plan on moving to this magnificent place, here’s a great guide of Winter Springs for millennials. Sit back and enjoy it.

Winter Springs for millennials- is it worth moving there?

First, before you decide to move to Winter Springs, you should hire affordable movers Orlando. Trust us, as a millennial, you are going to need some help regarding your relocation to Winter Springs, FL. After you do that, let’s get you informed about the essential facts of living in Winter Springs, especially for millennials.

History facts of Winter Springs for millennials

Before you hire the best movers in Winter Springs FL, you should know some historical facts. The city of Winter Springs was originally incorporated in 1959 as North Orlando. Its name originated from the North Orlando Company who was taking the efforts to grow the city. However, due to the confusion regarding the name of Orlando, the name was quickly changed into Winter Springs. The name was voted by the public as Winter Springs and the City was incorporated in 1972. Ever since this city is the largest one by land area in Seminole County Florida.

Cultural content for millennials in Winter Springs

Winter Springs offers many activities and leisures for millennials. Winter Springs is a family community and it has highly rated schools and parks. Also, it has several churches and a couple of synagogues. Even though you’re a millennial, that doesn’t mean you don’t like these kinds of facilities, right? Also, Winter Springs offers millennials a vivid community spirit, simultaneously focusing on family activities. Not to mention that you can always enjoy the natural beauty of this area. However, you should know that the cost of living in Winter Springs is maybe a little bit higher. To be precise, it’s higher than the average across the country. However, it’s lower than some of the surrounding communities in Seminole County.

Parks in Winter Springs for millennials
There are many gorgeous parks where you can spend your days as a millennial living in Winter Springs, FL.

Millennials in Winter Springs- what to do?

If you are a millennial and thinking about moving to Florida, we would suggest considering Winter Springs as your destination. This lovely city has many activities to offer, especially for the youth.

Food and drink

After you move to Winter Springs, you will have many options, regarding the places to eat and drink. Especially if you move to Winter Springs with your family, options are numberless. There are plenty of restaurants in this area. Also, there are a few locally-owned businesses that might be interesting. For instance, there are a few Italian restaurants where you can try out many specialties.

Winter Springs offers great places for millennials to visit
Winter Springs, FL, has many great bars and restaurants for millennials.

Sports and recreation as one of the most important aspects of Winter Springs for millennials

Winter Springs has many parks that feature facilities for popular sports. That includes basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, and football. Also, you can find facilities where you can swim or fish. Also, Winter Springs is home to the Tuscawilla Country Club, featuring a championship 18-hole golf course. This golf course is located in some of the most pristine landscapes in the state of Florida. Use all these options to have some fun as a millennial living in Winter Springs.

Education in Winter Springs for millennials

As for education, Winter Springs is part of the Seminole County school system, which is highly-rated in Florida. This city has Winter Springs High School and Indian Trails Middle School. It also has several public elementary schools, as well as special and private education schools. Yet, if you have plans for going to college, note that there are no large colleges directly in Winter Springs. However, it’s a part of the University of Central Florida community, situated only 20 minutes from the main campus. That shouldn’t be a problem for young people who decide to move to Winter Springs. Finally, another popular nearby college is Full Sail University. So, you have a lot of options regarding the best college locations in Florida.

Entertainment for millennials in Winter Springs, FL

As we already mentioned, there are many ways to amuse yourself in Winter Springs.

  • Visit Magic Kingdom Park

This Florida theme park is located on the grounds of world-famous Disney World in Orlando. You can visit Cinderella Castle or get to see abundant movie and cartoon characters. For instance, you could see Donald Duck, or Mickey and Minnie Mouse. It also offers many dining, retail, and activity options. Simply, this Kingdom is such a virtual wonderland and you shouldn’t miss it. Especially if you are a millennial, you will have such a great time.

Millennials can visit theme parks in Winter Springs, FL
Another great activity for millennials in Winter Springs is visiting theme parks.
  • LEGOLAND Florida

Let’s begin by saying LEGOLAND Florida is one of the wold’s most extensive facilities. It will inspire creativity in young minds. This facility offers many interactive exhibits, live performances, and guided activities.

Finally, let’s not forget nature

Winter Springs has 12 park sites that offer playgrounds, sporting facilities, hiking and biking trails. Also, the parks contain a dog park, if you move to Florida with a pet. In one word, Winter Springs is a great place for you to live in if you love getting outdoors. It’s good to know that this city protects the environment and the beautiful trees in the area.


This was our special guide about Winter Springs for millennials. We hope we managed to bring you one step closer to moving to this magnificent city.


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