Your college moving guide part 2


There’s no doubt about it, striking out on your own for the first time and starting your new life as a college freshman won’t always be easy.

Making the transition from living with your parents to living in a dorm is hard enough as it is, put throw moving into the equation and the whole thing gets much more stressful. That’s why, in our latest blog, our movers in Central Florida talked about a couple of things you can do to make the transition easier. Keep reading to learn more!

Be smart about how you pack.

Dorms aren’t known for being large. They are usually pretty small, and when you consider the fact that your roommate will have all of their own stuff as well, you will want to make sure you pack light. Try to pack only what you need, but be sure to include a few things to make it feel more like home.

Wait to shop until after you get there.

Shopping before you get to the dorms will not only mean you have more to move, but you will also be much more likely to buy things you don’t really need. For instance, your roommate may already have a mini fridge or a TV that they are willing to share with you! Plus, if you wait to shop, you will have a better idea about what will actually fit in your dorm.

Don’t forget the essentials!

There are many essentials that get overlooked when moving into a dorm, including ibuprofen, laundry detergent, antibacterial wipes, etc. You’d be surprised at how often people forget these kinds of things!


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