Your must have moving day essentials part 2


There are many essentials that can make your moving day easier and less stressful.

Everyone knows that moving day can be stressful, and with so much going on around you, it’s easy to forget to set aside the things you’ll need on moving day. At AAA Insta-Move, we provide a variety of moving services in Daytona Beach that will make your move easier, but even with our help, you’ll need to remember to set aside the essentials. Check out our last blogto learn about the essentials we’ve gone over already, and keep reading to learn more must-have moving day essentials:

#4. First aid kit and prescription medications

If you have prescription medications that you need to take every day, it’s important that they are easy for you to access. It’s always a good idea to have a first-aid kit handy too. You never know when you could get a headache or acquire an injury during the moving process, so you need to be prepared.

#5. Snacks and beverages

Don’t forget to set aside some snacks and beverages so that you and your family can stay fueled on moving day. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, granola bars and trail mix are all great snack ideas since none of these items require refrigeration.

#6. Entertainment for your kids

You don’t want to have to try to keep your kids entertained while you are busy handling your move, so make sure that you set aside some things to keep them busy. Coloring books, toys, tablets and portable DVD players are all great moving day entertainment options.


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